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Sorry…I am still having trouble learning how to post video’s on this new format. As you can see, I tried once, and Facebook evidently TOOK the President off…And I can’t seem to figure out how to delete it.

I tried again…once again, no luck….

But the third time worked. Just ignore the first two try’s.

President Trump knows he won. In fact, everybody with any sense knows he won.

But half the planet of elites and rich are out to destroy America, AND him, AND his family, and yes, this is probably the most important speech he has made, simply because if this horrible crime and these evil people are allowed to just stomp on our liberty, and our lives, and destroy us all, then no election in the United States will ever again mean a thing. America will no longer exist. Even I can’t fathom that, but it’s true.

Please bear with me on my mistakes. I was in doctor offices all day and will be at hospitals tomorrow, and just didn’t have time to figure this out. (This time it’s HIS knees.) Right now, he is on morphine and pretty fun!

When the XNAVY SEAL says things like “LOOK at those pretty Christmas trees!” while watching Hallmark on TV. with droopy eyes, you have to laugh. Hey, that’s MY line.

Anyway, to quote Churchill: NEVER GIVE UP. Watch the speech and learn. IT’s the globalist’s VS America. If we don’t have President Trump in the oval office, God only knows what else is coming.

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