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The Godfathers, And CHINA

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One more day to the new year? Is anybody really ready for 2021?

Here in my house, we are hunkered down and watching movies—Like old reruns of the GODFATHER.  

Real art, teaches us forever. It was said, that the Godfather was based on real life Mafia history. Who am I to argue?

See this link:

In one scene, the Godfather, played by Marlon Brando, gets the heads of the five Mafia families together, who come from all over the country to broker a peace. Vito’s oldest son was killed, and so, he promises to END the war, and promises no revenge hits…BUT…then he said, “If my son all of a sudden commits suicide in a jail cell…that I will not forget.”

Now, HOW long ago was this film made? Instantly, the name of Alinsky came to mind. Rules for Radicals, Alinsky’s Bible for progressives,  was the bible of Hillary and Obama. Alinsky admits he learned most every tactic of criminal moves he got from the top Mafia Godfathers in Chicago, of whom he studied under. The democrats and the Mafia have Always WORKED together. Las Vegas was built on the pension money from Chicago Mafia. That’s a fact.

And then I thought of Epstein…commuting suicide…and ALL the people in the Clinton family history that have died way too young of plane crashes, car accidents, suicides, murders…the list is VERY long. Reading up on the Mafia, one comes to the realization that the Jews and the Italians mafia’s both worked together.

And they STILL do. They now control the news, so that is why YOU and all Americans think the Mafia was destroyed and doesn’t exist.

But is that true?


With a firm foothold in illegal activities that had the Jewish community as the underworld bankers, they went legit (at least on the surface) and controlled the flow of money in a variety of ways. After gambling-banking, the Jewish financiers moved into the business of entertainment, a place they have thrived ever since. In recent times, Gerald Levin, Michael Eisner, Edgar Bronfman Sr.Edgar Bronfman Jr.Sumner Redstone, Dennis Dammerman and Peter Chernin have collectively controlled: ABC, NBC, CBS, Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, Disney, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records. Even if Jewish Mob banking went legit long ago, it’s possible that its influence is still felt in the entertainment.


I have always said that the Mafia didn’t die, it just merged with the democratic party. The press TOLD us, the Mafia was gone, but if that was so, then the democratic party became the new Mafia party.

Another scene from the Godfather fit events of today.

The Jewish head of the Jewish Mafia, Hyman Roth, gets all the Italian head Mafia guys to come to Cuba. The families go to Cuba to basically put their Casino’s and hotels into Cuba. This was right before the revolution.

Hyman (who is based on the real Meyer Linsky) tells everyone that branching out into other countries is so great…no longer will they have the FBI, the Justice Department, etc, stopping all their illegal activities.

So, the world becomes the new marketplace for the Mafia back in the 1950s.

Flash forward to now: the Jewish/Italian/democratic/progressive Mafia of our own government has met for years with China.


Here’s some pictures of the Mafia joining with a communist country to make their profits..out of the eyes and justice system of America. Proof of the wonderful meetings of the minds of China with our biggest corporations who OWN our politicians. Much like the famous meeting in Cuba, the deals were made long ago with China to give all these guys big paydays for selling out their own country.

And this destruction of America, has had the help of the British, according to a few of my sources.

We have shown you that the British Imperial Empire and the British-American Pilgrims (just one big club of royal globalshits) are at the apex of the control mechanism of the planet and that they use CHINA as their face. Even Henry Kissinger, Mr. China himself, was an officer in the Pilgrims Society; his job was to dismantle the United States and give it over to China where the Pilgrims control it all.

This election isn’t just about control of the Presidency. It’s about the control of the world.

And the fight has just begun.

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