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Nobody Wonders: Did CHINA Want Dr. Sessus’ books banned?

Nobody Wonders

Was it CHINA that insisted on Dr. Sessu’s books be banned because of all the Chinamen he drew in his books? These books were written SO long ago, and the whole thing is so stupid, this Nobody Thinks it was more about not insulting the Chinese than the blacks, but then again, both ‘race’ mentions are part of the China takeover.


When Geisel first began to write for children in 1937, many depictions of people of color in his books and cartoons, were racial stereotypes. In Dr. Seuss’s first book, published on December 21, 1937, And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, there was a lot of backlash for the racial stereotypes he put in it. For example in this specific book, Geisel expressed Asian characters using what he saw as traditional attire and chopsticks. In this book, Seuss refers to the Asian character as a “Chinaman” and made his skin yellow. It is hard to comprehend the amount of children who might be lead to believe that this form of racism is acceptable by reading it in a book meant for their generation.

Theodore Geisel later changed a “Chinaman” to saying a “Chinese Man” and also removed the yellow tint to his skin and the long strand of hair. Although this does help the racial stereotype, it does still show a lot of racism within the clothing and chopsticks.

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