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Nobody Flashes the Clydesdales

Nobody Flashes,

Being as I was raised around these beauties, because Augie Busch brought them here from his homeland, and made them his logo, I’m posting them today. He loved them, and so did all of St. Louis.

Sometimes, when I need a lift, I remember, God has made many a beautiful creation. And this was one of his finest.

The first time I ever got close to one of these magnificent horses, I felt such awe— as if God was staring me right in the face and saying…”You looking at me?”

OMG, I am not worthy, to even stand before you…I thought to myself. Sometimes, nature and god are so intertwined that it’s hard to even stand in their presence.

Gentle, yes poweful.

Anyway, enjoy…the majesty of one of God’s greatest creations. (And man’s good grace who keeps them coming.)

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