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Sorry. I’m just not up to writing tonight. The state of the country seems irredeemable. It doesn’t matter that President Trump seems to be ready to ‘fight’ again, many of the people in the country wonder…why? You won more votes than any President in history, and it did NOT matter.

Why did he not arrest some of those around him that broke the law time and again? Why did he even nominate those RINOS for the Supreme Court? Why did he pick Pence to be his VP? Why did he pick Barr?

Sure, he’s going to work to get rid of the RINO’s next time around, but why didn’t he do it the FIRST time? Didn’t he know how bad it was?

How can we even trust the voting systems again? Nobody obeyed any of Trump’s orders. He tried so hard to stick by the book and the law, that now, the country is gone. He can go to sleep with a good conscience, but many of us can’t sleep at all due to worry.

Steve Bannon would have you believe that we can ‘save’ the country. But they have the virus, and can shut us all down.

Washington D.C. is no longer America. If there is a fight, THEY all have purpose. But what about the rest of us?

It doesn’t matter HOW many times we watch Tucker Carlson explain the corruption going on all around us, we all have to sit back and watch China become our masters because they’ve already taken over most of the democrats. What good does it do to know about it all, when NOBODY is EVER arrested for their crimes?

NOBODY Is. Never, ever happens.

We have a President that is suffering from dementia. Nobody cares. Obama is running the government again through Susan Rice. Kamala is just doing what SHE is told. And the American people have been brought to a depressing standstill.

Trump probably WAS the last American President. He might want to run again, but will the American people even be there? If the elections aren’t fixed, why bother?

Our politicians, just past a bill to hand out billions of dollars to save themselves and make other nations rich. How long will it be before that $2600 given out lasts? We now have open borders and more crime will be coming our way.

I’m watching cars being stolen every night here, crime is high, and yet, if you listen to the news, why, everything is wonderful and coming back.

Our children are commiting suicide and will suffer more than they can ever imagine in the upcoming communist takeover, they just don’t know it.

America has already been changed. We even had a communist as head of the CIA during Obama, and nobody in the government gave it a second thought. Our FBI helped Obama with a coup.

Nothing was done. No one EVER gets arrested. We can’t trust any body in our government, but maybe five or six.

We are told to ‘stay inside’. To suffer. Our happiness has been destroyed on a daily basis.

In the future, if you work for the government, you should be okay. Just like in China, Russia, or any other communists country.

I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’m sure many of you feel the same and I’m not helping things much.

Okay, as you see, I’m pretty depressed tonight.

Remember, Nobody’s Perfect...I’ll try to find more uplifting stuff tomorrow.


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