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The Luck of the Irish?

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Wow. Is it me? Do the mass shootings ALWAYS seem to happen when the democrats want to pass certain draconian legislation? The shooting of some Chinese ‘message’ parlor women, last week, where they were shot and killed by some man who had a sex addition (No, it was NOT Bill Clinton) immediately went to favor China, who plans to send millions of their own citizens over here to help with the ‘reset’ of America to favor the Chinese takeover. Right now, while watching TV, I am looking for every Chinese person I can. Every time I see a Chinese person in a commercial or a movie, or Net flick Binge” I yell… ’CHINESE!” It’s a wonder my husband hasn’t traded me in for one by now.

Nobody Knows

Don’t get me wrong, the Chinese people are great. But you can never tell the ones working for the Chinese government or the ones who want to escape from communism. I think Hollywood is slowly getting the American people used to seeing Chinese Americans, because, they plan to flood the country with them. It’s CCP PR. Right away, all the news channels came out and said, that Americans must STOP from attacking the poor Chinese! Especially the ‘message’ parlor workers. Cleary, essential workers of the economy. Even though there has been very little ‘Chinese attacks.”

And then today…Biden came out to say that he wants bans of assault weapons…after Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, killed 10 people in Boulder, Colorado, with an AR-15 that nobody can figure out how he got. Too bad they had to admit he hated Trump and was a Muslim, because they wanted to blame a white supremist. The TIMING couldn’t have been better because they already had a bill trying to get passed by the democrats to destroy all ‘assault’ weapon. The word “assault’’ depends on what you want it to mean. In the case of the democrats that means ALL guns are assault weapons.

Or was this more about getting rid of the filibuster?

Pocahontas insists, THAT’s the only way to get the guns.

Whatever. But to this nobody it sure seems like the democrats are really lucky to get the very crisis they need to come out and pass laws that take away our freedoms. Could it be a mixture of false flag attacks by the CIA? Or just corrupt politicians setting up the fertile ground for chaos, and then taking advantage of the events to once again, take away our freedoms?

Nobody Wonders.

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