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Nobody’s Perfect: Joe Biden

Nobody’s Perfect:

Joe Biden was ALWAYS bragging about how he was going to take President Trump behind the woodshed and beat him up. He bragged about how he could spring up a flight of stairs, after making fun of the way Trump took careful steps took down a slippery surface.

So, in order to prove to the world, despite having either his own dog attack him, OR slipping on his own bathroom floor, that he was in great form, Biden tried to prove how he could run up a flight of steps. (Obama used to LOVE to do this to show his finesse.)

The whole world saw this; The excuse was…well I’m not sure. What was it?

Day by day we see how incompetent Biden really is. Not to mention his dementia and the fact that he has had TWO brain surgeries and two strokes…we are suppose to believe that America elected this old guy anyway.

BUT…tripping on steps you could forgive. Destroying America by opening up the borders…is unforgivable.

Just ask, President Trump. A man who actually THINKS before he tries to run up a flight of stairs in front of the whole world just to prove he is macho.

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