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Sports, Iraq, and U.S. China Beginnings

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About a few of my thoughts today:

There are two things that really seemed strange to this Nobody, and I noticed it right after Biden got into the White House…besides the fact that we weren’t even SURE that was where he was.

  1. All sports instantly came back on our TVS. Did you notice? As if they had never left. The fact that no people were allowed in the stadiums to watch, were underplayed and barely mentioned. The sounds of huge crowds were faked, and cardboard people were put in the stands. The announcers just ignored it— Completely. They were back in their sports seats, calling the shots, getting paid again, and that includes ALL sports. Trump was out, and suddenly, athletics didn’t get Covid. And yet, Fauci still says we are all in danger. It was as if they tortured America with sports lockdown until Biden got in. Okay, you can have sports now.
  • WE ARE BACK AT WAR. On the first day, Biden bombed Syria, and now, you turn on the TV and we are getting back to our daily news about our troops being hit in Iraq. It’s like the war never stopped.

Many, like me, loved President Trump for saying getting into the middle East wars was stupid.

So, why, besides the money that so many politicians make off war, do our politicians, democrats AND RINOS keep putting us BACK into the Middle East?

I found this paragraph today, in the unauthorized biography of George Bush, and it might show a bit of light on the ‘deep state’ mentality—

Before Daddy Bush was President, he worked for Nixon. In fact, he took his orders from Kissinger. He was basically a Kissinger clone. One of the reasons I blame the Bushes as much as the progressives.


“The most essential level of Kissinger was the British one. That meant that U.S. Foreign policy was to be guided by British imperial geopolitics, in particular the notion of the balance of power. The United States must always ally with the second strongest land power in the world. (Red China) against the strongest land power (The Soviet Union.) in order to preserve the balance of power. This was expressed in the 1971-72 Nixon-Kissinger opening to Beijing, to which Bush would contribute from his U.N. Post. The balance of power, since it rules out a positive engagement for the economic progress of the international community as a whole, has always been a recipe for new wars. Kissinger was in constant contact with British foreign policy operatives like Sir Eric Roll of S. G. Warburg in London, Lord Victor Rothschild, the Barings bank and others.”

(NOBODY NOTES: This is where the Pilgrim’s Society comes in…and that’s another blog)

Henry Kissinger openly expounded his role and philosophy as a British agent of influence within the U.S. government during the Nixon and Ford Years. On May 10, 1982, in a speech given at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London he said this:

“The British were so matter-of-factly helpful that they became a participant in internal American deliberations, to a degree probably never before practiced between sovereign nations. In my period in office, the British played a seminal part in certain American bilateral negotiations with the Soviet Union, in that they helped draft the key document. In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State Department…In my negotiations over Rhodesia I would form a British draft with British spelling even when I did not fully grasp the distinction between a working paper and a Cabinet approved document. “

Is that the SAME Secret Agent who was standing behind Biden at the inauguration? Notice, no hand on heart.

(NOBODY: Remember the Trump Coup was done with British helping the FBI.)

And why are we nice to CHINA?)

“One of the realities of 1971 was threat the bankrupt British had declared themselves to be financially unable to maintain their military presence in the Indian Ocean and the Far East, in the area “East of Suez”. Par of the timing of the Kissinger China card was dictated by the British desire to acquire China as a counterweight to India in this vast are of the world.”


Fast forward to 2021 and NOW China uses the U.S. to take over the world.

Great job there idiots. How’s that New World Order working out for us?

And this was from today’s news:


Xi Jinping has struck a confident posture as he looks to secure China’s prosperity and power in a post-Covid world, saying that the country is entering a time of opportunity when “the East is rising and the West is declining.”

“The biggest source of chaos in the present-day world is the United States,” Mr. Xi said, a county official in northwest China recounted in a speech published last week on a government website. He quoted Mr. Xi as saying: “The United States is the biggest threat to our country’s development and security.”

‘The East Is Rising’: Xi Maps Out China’s Post-Covid Ascent – DNyuz


So the question is: Are the globalists STILL using the same old playbook?

Nobody Seems to care. They are just glad to be back to things as usual.

And by the way…..HOW old is Kissinger?

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