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Nobody Flashes Shingles and Walmart should be destroy. (Just kidding, but then again…proof that MASKS don’t work.)

Nobody Flashes

I’m sorry to say that for at least a few days or more, I won’t be here.

FIRST I got pretty sick last week, and finally spent 5 hours at the Urgent Care last night, to find out that I had Helicobacter Pylori Infection. It’s basically a bacterial infection of the stomach found mostly in third world countries. Since I have NOT been out of the country or even out the house which means either my water supply is contaminated or, I caught this at my VERY favorite third world country: Wal-mart.

It seems when you use bathrooms at these places where illegals gather, you can catch disease in the bathrooms, BECAUSE when you flush a toilet the spray contains the bacteria goes up into the air, and you breathe it.

PROVING…;masks do NOT work.

Just thought I’d pass this along. At least it not TB. Think before you use public restrooms.

BUT…that’s not all, because of the stress from the stomach pain (and I’m sure the news) the left side of my body has broken out in VERY painful Shingles all over my left side. I had them once before when I was 27, but not as bad as this. It’s all along my front, my back, my sides, and even pain in the left leg and arm.

So, I’m not going to be brave: THIS sucks!

I write this not to make you feel sorry for me, but because to get rid of shingles you really have to avoid stress.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….you my readers, of ALL people ,know how stressed I have been lately.

Anyway, you know me. I can’t shut up.

I’ll be back, I have a buttload of pills, so many in fact, I might put them on a chain and make a necklace.

Sooner rather than later, 🙂


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