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Population Control: The End Game

So, here is the question on many people’s minds: (Mine especially) Because frankly, I think we are all a bit tired of the mask wearing, stay home mode of living.

Was this virus released as a bio-weapon to not only help China with her plans but ALSO help the elites to put into motion their own plans for a one- world- controlled corporate/state/tyranny? Was this Covid -19 a well-planned global genocide?

Don’t all answer at once.

There is not one reporter on this planet who will admit that the virus was released on purpose. At least, I couldn’t find any. The most they will admit is that China purposely spread it around the world in order to increase their EAST RISING program. And that fact is not considered much of a crime. No, it’s just a mistake.

But, IF you look at the very facts, it’s hard to ignore them.

Millions, of mostly the aging and sick populations all over the world, were killed. I say killed because if you go by Steve’s Hilton’s very convincing reporting, the virus was developed by Fauci, and Wuhan was used to release it. Fauci is now head of the National Health Institute. While millions of people are dying from the aftereffects of the tyranny of Fauci’s mandated orders, he seems not to care. On the contrary, he smiles, like Gates, gently, and continues to talk to us all like we are children, and how all these lockdowns are necessary. Mask and vaccines are the world’s future according to Fauci.

Steve Bannon wants his head on a Pike, and I must admit, the fact that he gets paid more than any other government official seems proof enough for me. What this does come down to is Population control.

Population Control: it’s been on the minds of the rich elites for much of the world’s history. In 1950, John Foster Dulles, then chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation, lead a world tour focusing on the need to stop the expansion of the non-white population. They set up the Population Council and pour millions into it.

In 1953, the International Planned Parenthood Federation was founded in London in the offices of the British Eugenics Society. Before Auschwitz, the British, American, and other European groups called openly for the elimination of the “unfit’ by means including force and violence. And we all know that Planned Parenthood in the United States was set up by Margaret Singer, one of Hillary Clinton’s heroes, to get rid of the unwanted blacks in the inner cities. Millions of the unborn have been killed by Planned Parenthood, funded by the Gates Foundation, and many other elite institutions, but mostly funded globally by…

You and I. (Gates smiles here.) We just didn’t have any say in it.

The ‘world’ has always been a big concern to the elites. In the February 1995 issue of Scientific America Magazine, in a very serious article called Population, Poverty and the Local Environment, it was shown the great concern of all scientists was that Africans were having too many children, simply because most Africans (And Indians) had to spend over 4 hours out of their day just to walk and get water. So, in third world countries, the more children you had, the more water-carriers you had, and the more damage to the local environment. To a sane person you think: Well, develop their water systems, their infrastructure, and give freedom and capitalisms fix the problems!

Sorry. That’s not want dictators want.

Enter the abortion industry, one in which Bill Gates’s father, who was one of the big wigs of Planned Parenthood, has done his best to developed vaccines and other methods to cut the fertility rate of Africa. He killed a lot of people with this process. Never admitting to it of course…but China, China just passed a law where couples could just have one child. It was great for the Chinese military because of course, more men children were preferred by all couples. Millions of baby girls were aborted.

The elites of all countries believed that in 2050 a population of 11 billion would NOT survive. Using the usual brain power to help develop solutions, is not the elite way. Culling the herd, much easier.

So, how do you get people to stop having children? The answer was, to them, obvious: abortions.

Abortions became global, in reality. How? The answer to that was given in the article:


When a child becomes perceived as expensive, we may finally have a hope of dislodging the rapacious hold of high fertility rates.

Cool. Just make it too expensive for poor people to have kids. (Unless of course, you use LBJs solution…give the poor just enough welfare to HAVE more kids so they can vote.) Get rid of religion, promote gay marriage, and even deny the SEXES! Make marriage un cool. Damn the masculine man.

They are SO creative, aren’t they?

When an abortion is cheaper than an IPHONE, is there any wonder what the single girl will choose in this world of culture madness? Ruled by a state media with commercials blasting our minds every other second?

Now, the elites will think after coming to this conclusion….mmmm…if we keep the inflation high, prices high, wages low, people will get abortions instead of having kids. I’ve often thought the average western woman gets the abortion NOT because she wants to abort a child, but in America or Europe, it’s just too damn expensive to rise a child by yourself. And getting the woman out of the house and into the work force has been promoted in all countries, even though Russia made that a program to promote the state raising the children.

Yes, our elites have been busy.

Okay, so the rich did their part in culling the herd, but there WAS A PROBLEM with that. The older population in many western countries did NOT have kids, and therefore the tax base is gone. The west is left with too many old, “Useless eaters.” But the Muslims, they multiplied. There are more Muslims in the world then ever.

China is trying to deal with that population problem too.

But, what a mess they have made. Along with killing everybody off, they lost a lot of their tax base.

The countries need low earning young men and women to get back the taxes to keep the countries alive. And that is one of the big reasons both Bush and Biden wanted to flood our county with illegal’s. Bill Clinton has even admitted that.

To the elites, the old, who didn’t have kids to support them in their old age…are very expensive. All those pensions. Social Security was bankrupted many years ago…so How do you do deal with that?

I know, let’s ask Bill Gates! The perfect answer was: release the virus. And Covid-19 was the REAL Kracken.

Release the Virus. Especially designed to kill the old and feeble, and sick. And no fingerprints on any one man or country that purposely is killing off the old.


It was Daddy Bush who started funding population control around the world, I just found out. The fact is, the rich see no problem with killing off the ‘lame, old and sick.’ I really think to them they might feel…it’s their job.

But to this nobody, it looks like a global genocide. Not to mention, the virus is being used to reengineer the whole world. I think the global warming nonsense, goes into this thinking too. There are many ways to cull a population, and like abortion, making the little guy PAY will also keep him from having kids. And the benefit to the rich and powerful?

Unending utopia. And…LOTS of money for them.

What can we do?

Right now, I wonder if anybody besides myself thinks this is actually happening.

I bet Steve Hilton does, but being as he needs to eat, sleep, and support his family and stay alive, he did just as much as anyone did.

Be sure and watch his video in my tweet if you can: As John Adams once said…FACTS are stubborn things.

Oh…and one more thing: Gates is working with the Chinese party to develop the NEXT virus, and he has threatened it will be 10x worse than the first. The first one worked so well…

Sorry…if this blog was just a bit too…annoying and cynical. But then again, wouldn’t you rather plan to stay alive?

It’s what’s you DON’T know that can kill you.

And be careful what you stick up your nose….


The Chinese Communist Party wants your DNA for various reasons that fuel their thirst for world domination. Bill Gates wants your DNA for reasons unbeknownst to anyone outside of his private circles. It was natural for the two entities to get together on a project that “harvests” DNA through Covid-19 tests because, as 2020 and now 2021 have demonstrated, the machinations of evil are no longer relegated to the shadows.

Gates has been a closet eugenicist, like his father, for decades. He has openly stated that population control is necessary as a means of preserving humanity for the long-term. Massive DNA sampling is the key to understanding genomic manipulation and fulfilling his goals of controlling the population. Again, this all sounds very conspiracy-theory-heavy, but it is just as easily verified as everything else we’ve seen in this story.

Why is Bill Gates funding Chinese DNA-harvesting tech that powers Covid tests? (

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  1. Thank you, btw the Malthus theory has been around since the 1500’s the people who have been preaching overpopulation and climate change has been doing this for centuries. Remember the beginning of scrooge that he, as a rich man, preached getting rid of the poor. Especially their kids. That book by Dickenson was set in the 1800’s.


    Comment by Tim | March 7, 2021 | Reply

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