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We WILL Eat Bugs…Davos and China

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Davos elite tryants are already saying that the land for rising meat is disappearing, no doubt because Gates and Bezos are buying up all the farmlands so we WON’T eat meat, and why don’t they want us to eat meat?

Protein makes you strong and is necessary for human growth. And older people need MORE of it, not less.

NO, they want to kill us all with addictive sugar! That a very profitable business for big pharma.

Okay, I LOVE a good hamburger, but I have to wonder now, just what is in most hamburgers? Don’t you wonder? But, if that wasn’t bad enough…

But, now, if you watch this video, China is eating up all the fish. THIS nobody had no idea.

I’m surprised this video is still on Youtube, so watch it while you can.

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