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Mark Levine Explains In Detail the Importance of the Georgia Vote

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Tomorrow, it’s the big day for America. If Georgia doesn’t elect Republicans, it’s game over. I believe Mark Levine is right.

Another “arrow” with poison was slung at the President today, when a private phone call was released between Brad Raffensperger of Georgia and the President, in which Trump asked for 11,779 votes.

Of course the REST of the conservation was NOT leaked. They held onto that tope, until all the Godfather movies were played on New Year’s Day and then they released the tape, and compared Trump to the Godfather. Not only was leaking the tape a crime, Brad has said Trump should be up for criminal charges.

The Drudge Report blasted this picture:

Trump has been taken out of context SO MANY TIMES, that his supporters know the old trick by now, and it just pisses them off more. BUT, they STILL do it.

THIS released tape came from a man who basically got elected with the help of Chinese, which is a felony, and HE is the criminal. HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED.

From the National File—

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Brad Raffensperger Begged For Chinese Votes – National File

Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was placed into office in the Georgia House of Representatives in 2015 by a powerful network of Mandarin-speaking Chinese people in the United States of America. NATIONAL FILE has obtained video of Raffensperger speaking at an event with Mandarin-speaking Chinese people, begging the Chinese people to get him more than 100 votes to secure his victory in the election (which he ended up winning by 159 votes). A Mandarin-language newspaper that actively coordinates with United Front, a network controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, even explained the strategy to place Raffensperger into office by use of “absentee ballots” that could be obtained by one Chinese person and distributed to others. Raffensperger is trying to stop Communist China’s geopolitical foe President Donald Trump from gaining a proper accounting of the votes in the 2020 presidential election.

And it’s not just him, it’s the governor too:

Brian Kemp Held Meeting With Suspected Spy to Make Deals With Chinese Communist Government – National File

Republican Georgia governor Brian Kemp met with and made deals with the Chinese Communist Party, according to Chinese-language records. Kemp reportedly “warmly welcomed” the Chinese Consul General from Houston in a meeting in which Kemp invited Chinese business investment in Georgia. That Consul General was accused by the Trump administration’s State Department of running an espionage ring, and the United States closed his Consulate in July 2020. Kemp is trying to stop China’s geopolitical foe President Donald Trump from getting a fair count of the votes in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Kemp’s former chief of staff lobbies for Dominion Voting Systems, the disputed election technology company whose machines are used in Georgia. (RELATED: Secretary of State Raffensperger Begged For Chinese Votes).

While not many people will see the news about the Governor and Secretary of State working with the Chinese to cheat on the ballots and throw Trump out of office, they ARE hearing  over and over on every station, Trump asking for votes, and everyone, including Karl Rove are…appalled.

Really? Remember, this stone declaring that the population of the planet should be no more than 500 millions is IN Georgia.

Never mind that over 140,000 and even more votes were frauds, and Georgia was a cesspool of criminal election crimes. Obama visited Georgia right BEFORE the election which should tell you there was major fraud in tact.

Trump was actually being nice and saying…just give the victory I DID win, and I won’t prosecute you…

Trump was being a nice guy.

This nobody thinks Trump should stop being a nice guy, and start arresting some of these guys on espionage and crimes against the United States of America.

I don’t know what will happen in the elections of Georgia. Frankly, I don’t think any of the RINOS care if the Senate goes to democrats or if they ever win again. The RINOS are mostly old, and can retire, and become billionaires.

If it means giving over America to China, and ending their careers, fine with them. But will they be safe in their homes? Are they willing to leave the country when they give it to China?

Why not? They can live anywhere on the planet.

Still, I’m with Levine. Even if you think your vote doesn’t count, if you live in Georgia…VOTE. The rest of us, will thank you. Levine is right. It doesn’t matter if the two republicans hate Trump too.

It’s the matter of control. And freedom. That’s all.

Good luck Georgia!

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