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What’s Been Happening…and How Do we Stop it in 2022?

Gee, here we are, the last day of the year…people are passing out like fireflies in the night, without a warning. Soccer players are falling over dead on the field. We’ve watched many deaths from the Covid virus, and the vaccine will continue to take more.

So—I’m just going to post this summation of what’s been happening for years while we were all being suckered, by our nightly newscasts. By our politicians. By our kids’ teachers. By our school boards.

It’s not good news…. China has us…China OWNS us, or at least most of our institutions, and top leaders.

Fact: China is the largest source of fentanyl, and they are flooding our country with it. The Cartels are now mixing it with prescription drugs. Over 49,860 deaths came from opioids in 2019.

Fact: The Wuhan virus has destroyed the world’s economy.

Fact: China made a bundle off the pandemic. They not only used the WHO to help cover up its Wuhan lab, in the early signs of the Pandemic they stockpiled personal protective equipment from around the world, then sold it to everyone making itself out to be a hero.

Fact: Foreign companies face considerable barriers in accessing the Chinese market and must transfer their intellectual property as a condition for entry. While they give us cheap Chinese goods that our companies cannot compete with. (The video below has a lot on that.)

Fact: China has been hacking our industries for years, including the government, Equifax and Anthem, which they got personal information on every citizen. Not to mention Tik Tok.

Fact: They are buying up U.S. farmland, oil fields, and own AMC. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Fact: Chinses people are being hired in our movies, our commercials, our television programs, so we get used to them.

Fact: We are now reliant on them for are drugs and rare earth minerals.

Will America end up bowing to China in 2022? Will the elites do something so drastic and horrible we could never recover from it? Is Biden’s billion-dollar funding from China given the Presidency TO China, in order to finally destroy us all, and make us it’s dog? Nobody could make one horrible decision after another. Nobody, not even Joe Biden.

Is America on its last breath?

Well, history tells us, as Gandhi once said, truth usually wins out.

China does NOT own, the American People. They hope to kill off as many old as they can, because the old remember…. they remember freedom. And I don’t think they will go into that night quietly.

Not yet. And that fight will come in 2022.

Will it come down to the children?

Nobody Knows. But if you thought 2021 was bad, something tells me, 2022 will be one for the history books.

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