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Nobody’s Fool: Patrick Byrne and Heckler


Well, here’s a rarity: A CEO of a successful big company (He started the company of calls out what going on, and gets it right: It a communist color revolution. China is behind it all.

Where he goes wrong, is that he is not paying attention. He thought Trump should have sent in the National Guard to recount the votes. Trump couldn’t….not legally. If he had sent in troops, they would have found a way not to let them see the machines.

He thinks the Supreme Court will finally reign in the progressives…and boy, he is really wrong there. They had their chance. They could care less.

Elections are gone. The progressives have been destroying our rights and turning the country into a socialist nation, bit by bit, for many years, and now, the great global takeover is going full force.

While its touching that he thought China and America could help each other, I’m SURE that had something to do with his business. Notice the Chinese Lady told him they outlawed the beautiful Chinese culture a long time ago.

Most Americans, like the Chinese people, we just hate communism. And now, we are witnessing the Fascists’ takeover…China destroyed the Western economy, got all our companies to give up their total control in order to make money in China, and now, they are being ordered to further the ‘colored revolution’

Congress is on board with China.

And when we finally get pissed off about it, the censorship, the hatred, the swearing to want us all dead, especially white people, Biden will send out the tanks and you and I, will be silenced. Right now, they are just silencing us with masks, controlling our movements, but later, it will be even more draconian. They WILL come for our guns.

But right now, they NEED the whites and Trumpsters to get pissed off, so that they can send out the troops to disarm us all. It’s the excuse they need. So the more angrier they can get us, the better.

That’s why, Twitter won’t take this video below down.

The Nobody’s Fool Award goes to this lady Heckler. Even though Patrick is right about China being involved, this lady showed more guts than him.

They know we are pissed. Now, they just need to piss us off more, so they can complete their communistic takeover.

And now we wait.

(ON another note, this COULD have been a setup…notice all the camera’s and how the men let her talk? They can use this video to say SEE…she says the Trump supporters will come after us.. Yes, this lady could have been hired to do this. Nowadays, you never know.)

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