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Goodbye to OUR Great President…Hello to the New American China

Nobody Reports,

Today, President Trump gave his farewell speech, which was TOTALLY confusing. He’s telling everyone he’s leaving and then at the end he says that we will be more prosperous, stronger, and the future will be great…

HUH? What? With Joe Biden and Obama back in the office? With the new Facist bargain made by ALL our polticians with China, and the very threats of ‘reprograming’ all Trump supporters.?

We’re going to be great? Ooooooookay….what’s wrong with this video? Was Trump offered a deal he “could not refuse.” (Godfather reference here.)

What did they do? Throw a Trump supporter’s severed head in his bed? NOBODY ALWAYS WONDERS.

Today on the radio I heard something that sent CHILLS down to my very soul. It was the usual “FOX” hourly report on FOX radio, and the lady was saying how WONDERFUL it was that over 200,000 people had called the FBI and reported, their children, and even friends, who had taken part in the Capitol ‘riots’. These people were TRUE patriot’s!

My mouth dropped. My gum almost fell out.

They do this stuff in China! If you know a Trump supporter now, you’d better tell the officials.

To make everything more insane, never mind that everyone was in a dizzy over Pelosi’s laptop being stolen, it was now reported that some young girl took it so that she could sell it to Russia. More than likely, Pelosi forgot it, or her secretary just forgot to get it, or some other stupid thing, and it ‘was’ misplaced. We don’t even know if it happened. They release so many false stories to trash Trump supporters you can’t keep track of them all.

But, I’m MORE than convinced now that the Capitol ‘attack’ was staged. probably for over a year.

Last week, we watched some TV show where they were handing out awards. We are BIG fans of Supernatural, and were really happy that Jensen Ackles finally won an award for acting, after 14 years. The show was canceled this year, and Jensen was going over to Prime to star in a new series called THE BOYS. So we joined Prime JUST to watch the show. Of course we had to watch 2 seasons to catch up.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s entertaining, but Supernatural was uplifting. THIS is right up the New World Order alley. Puking, lots of sex, someone even gets choked by a huge dick. LOTS of blood and guts.

Watch it if you can take the gore and sex, but I mention this because THIS series was filmed LAST YEAR, and in this they attack the capitol, (Lies just like today and homegrown terrorist’s) and NOTHING is a coincidence, proving to me that the deep state now using ALL movies to move their visions forward. The main character, who is a messed up killer, is a Mr. America and they want you to think he’s Trump.

Anyway, the coup will be complete tomorrow, and I’m sorry. I don’t care HOW many movie stars and singers, say stupid stuff, and how much mass glorification they put on, (Like the states are all together…LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY FLAGS WE PUT OUT FOR YOU!)…no matter HOW many times they want to UNIFY the nation, what the real message is: We have the military, Washington D.C. is NOT yours anymore, and we have THOUSANDS of troops, tanks, ballistic missiles, and HUGE walls to keep out ALL citizens, unless of course, you are invited.

WE THE PEOPLE, are banned from speaking, breathing, gathering, and we want you ALL to watch us now, and know, WE ARE THE NEW RULERS, AND WE HAVE BIG GUNS. I don’t care…that picture reminds ME that there ARE no people, just pretty flags because they wanted you NOT to notice there ARE no people allowed.

The party that screamed that Trump was a dictator for 4 years, now bring out the biggest force of military might ever seen in the city of D.C.

Even his supporters were LOCKED OUT! Huge walls were built, and guess what? They worked!

It’s simply a HUGE Party put on for the world to see, and for you to realized, it’s a one world party now, and you’d better get in line. And yes, that picture above? That’s something you WOULD see in China.

Great god, from a man who never got out of his basement.

I’m not sure I’m going to watch it at all. What did Obama once say? Making Biden President would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

Pity the lipstck. Pity the people. And God speed President Donald J. Trump and his family, to their homes.

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