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David Chou…Patriot or Chinese Watcher?

Nobody’s Opinion;

Last week, as I watched the coronation of China Joe, I was very concerned about the CLOSENESS of one of the Secret Service men. It was almost as if China had their man standing behind Joe to make SURE, that the whole thing went off as planned.

Boy, did I catch heat on Twitter. I was told that David Cho, was a veteran Secret Service man who had received the highest metals from the Department of Homeland Security, and I must 1.,do my research, and 2., don’t be so blinded by my racism to not honor the fact that he also served under President Trump. There was no way he was ANYTHING but a great patriot.

WASHINGTON (Nov. 6, 2019) Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan and Acting Deputy DHS Secretary David Pekoski present the Exceptional Service Gold Medal to David Cho at the 2019 Secretary’s Award Ceremony at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall. (DHS Photo by Tim D. Godbee/Released)

So, I wrote this to tell you why I was so suspicious. I was just as suspicious about Pence, when Trump picked him, and I turned out to be right.

I made my opinions and concern about this secret service agent, based on the video above, and the fact that China HAS declared war on us. The virus was released which destroyed OUR economy and others, and killed many around the world. Tonight, it was shown that the virus was created here in the states, and Fauci himself had a lot to do with it. It was engineered in a lab to be 20x more potent than anything that nature could have come up with. So, yes, our own country was helping the creation. We pay Fauci MORE than we pay our President.


And, lets not forget that China help put Joe Biden in office by making sure the election went to Joe.

These were two major attacks…make no mistake. In any other time, that would have been a declaration of war.

But not in this time. Because of our corporations, China makes most everything that America needs. They’ve got us. But they couldn’t have done it without the help of our most powerful CEOs and Congress. The idea of globalization was to make communist countries more ‘democratic.’ Instead, the Chinese used our politician’s greed, infiltrated, our universities, Wall Street and Congress, and well…here we are.

FUBAR beyond belief. Recognized Biden’s new spokeswoman in the White House briefing room?

Being accused of being a ‘racist’ upset me, so, I did a little research, which in this day and age, is not easy since the whole internet is being controlled by Google, but I did find out a few things.

For some reason, I assumed that the President had a SAY in who his secret service could be. One would hope so. But it’s not true. The secret service is picked and appointed by Homeland Security, which was run before Trump and through the Obama’s years by Jeh Johnson. Jeh was a deep state democrat who HATED Trump and let everybody know it. He served in the highest of the state various departments under Clinton. And he was on the board of Lockheed-Martin. A point to remember when it comes to China.

In 2003 the Secret Service was moved from the Treasury Department to Homeland Security. Obama’s Secret Service were a bunch of morons. ALWAYS getting in trouble for having wild parties while on duty, like the big thing that happened down in Columbia: prostitutes’ and drugs. Since Chou was probably in the Service then, was he involved in any of this? We don’t know.

Secret Service Fast Facts (

In 2017, an important laptop that had all the floorplans to Trump Towers, was stolen out of a Secret Service’s car, suggesting that the Secret Service was working…for Hillary or the Obama’s. It was then that the full fledged attack on Trump began. Well, not? The FBI works for them.

Despite what you see in the movies, NO agent has to give his life for a President. He is suppose to be apolitical, but when Chou was elected, he helped get rid of ALL the agents that might have been loyal to Trump.

If you go to his bio on Wikipedia, you don’t find much, only three little paragraphs, but you WILL find this:


Cho appeared at the Inauguration of Joe Biden as the head of Biden’s Secret Service detail.[10] Many far-right conspiracy theorists falsely accused Cho of being a “Chinese handler” due to racism and the proximity of Cho and Biden throughout the Inauguration.[11]


Wow. Conspiracy theorists like me are raciest for even thinking this. And that’s your cue right there. When something is TRUE, they always label it as a ‘conspiracy.”

But, how can you not be suspicious? We had not one, but TWO heads of our FBI arrange a coup that lasted for 4 years, and they illegally placed a China puppet (remember those who know say Biden IS their puppet) And Barr, the Head of the Justice Department, AND his Vice President, all turned against Trump and joined the China takeover. WITH the help of Obama, And Bush.

There has been hundreds of reports of China taking over our farmland, Hollywood, and our Tech companies, in fact, their war against us has been nothing short of brilliant. It was simple. They used old communist methods and LOTS of cash, to put all the right people in the top positions.

I’m sure most of my readers have read all of these stories.

Recently, we were told that Diana Feinstein has had a Chinese Limo driver, who WORKED as a spy for the Chinese military for years. You cannot TELL me, as she was on the intelligence, she didn’t know.

McConnel’s wife served as Secretary of Transportation, in charge of our boating docks and all traffic from China. We saw how ruthlessly old turtle-butt turned traitor against Trump.

For YEARS, during the Clinton Presidency, a Chinese guy worked in our most top secret nuclear sites in Los Alamos, delivering all our intell. And let’s not forget that Bill Clinton, AN AMERIACN PRESIDENT, gave North Korea the plutoinium they needed to build those missles they are now always threatening us with.

Plus, he gave China the technology to be able to deliver nukes to any city in the United States.


According to a Wall Street Journal account from Clinton days, a bipartisan congressional inquiry “found Beijing has stolen U.S. design data for nearly all elements needed for a major nuclear attack on the U.S., such as advanced warheads, missiles, and guidance systems. Targets of the spying ranged from an Army anti-tank weapon to nearly all modern fighter jets. Most wasn’t done by professionals, but by visitors or front companies. Lax security by the Clinton Administration is blamed in part, and satellite makers Hughes and Loral are criticized.”


This has all been verified.

If they impeach Trump for inciting a riot he DID not incite, than Bill Clinton should be impeached for getting China all nuked up.

Let’s not forget it was Jimmy Carter, who gave the Panama Canal to China.

The REAL question is: How LONG has China been controlling our Presidents?

I watched that video the whole day, and I mostly watched David Chou, and he might be a patriot, but every time a patriotic thing was said, I thought I saw HATRED on his face.

At the very least, the fact that they put an ASIAN face right behind Biden the whole day, said to this American, NOT that we are such a diverse nation, but that we are no longer an American one.

And Kamala was announced as being an “Asian” too.

And now I am seeing Chinese people in all my movies, commercial, as if, out of nowhere.

And …ONE MORE THING: If the President of the United States can be put in office by China, then a lowly servant like David Chou, could also be working for them. That’s just common sense.

It has nothing to do with me being…’racist.’

Many Chinese fled China to come here for a decent life, and I’ve talked to many of them that were SHOCKED during the Obama years, because they recognized…communism.

It’s the face of Tyranny. The face of hatred. But since Americans are lied to by the press every day, they just can’t believe it.

I once had a history teacher who taught that if you give an opinion, be ready to back it up. And I’ve always tried to do that.

China wanted to make SURE America saw David Chou in every picture with Joe Biden, and both Hunter and his dad are being paid big bucks to do their bidding. (The South China sea?) It was a clear message from the Deep State. “We got RID of your American President who would not do our bidding.”

We now own you. If Chou really is a true American Patriot, then he was used by the Biden Administration to make sure all the world saw the Asian face behind the President.

That’s my Nobody’ Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Is David Chou a hero? Nobody Knows. But then again, nobody knew much of anything until President Donald J. Trump.

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