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Nobody Knows: MORE proof of voter fraud explained in detail…

The former CEO of Overstock has come out with some more pieces of the puzzle. It seems he says that it was the FBI and Obama that was trying to get back in the White House with Hillary as the puppet, not Biden.

There is so much CIA subterfuge and confusion, and misinformation, this Nobody can’t tell who to believe, but I DO believe one thing happened. The minute Hillary lost the election, the war plan was set in motion. Go to the link below to hear Mr. Byrne’s excellent explanation of how they rigged it all, an China was helping.

He also claims the FBI came to him and asked him to set Hillary up for blackmail. Could this be information being passed around so that Hillary is kept from being prosectued? Pointing to Obama as the evil King?

As far as I’m concerned, they both should be in jail.

Anyway, here’s some of the remarks from a guy who would know: (Thanks to InfoWars)


“They told me – this is word for word…’Patrick, what’s really going on is this: President Obama has his people across the federal bureaucracy at this point, but especially in the Department of Justice. Hillary Clinton is going to be president for eight years and nothing is going to change that,” Byrne said.

The FBI then described how Obama would use the Justice Department as a “bunsen burner” to leverage against Clinton’s corruption if she steps out of line, dubbed “Operation Snowglobe” by Obama and former CIA Director John Brennan.

“‘If Hillary’s a good girl and defends Obamacare, that flame stays low. If she’s a bad girl and thinks for herself, it’s going to get turned up high. That way Barack Obama is going to manage Hillary Clinton for the eight years she’s president, and then she’s going to step down and Michelle [Obama] is going to run. And Patrick, that’s the plan.’ That came out of the lips of a federal agent,” Byrne said.

“They were trying to get Hillary to step into a snow globe…that anytime they wanted you could then pick up and shake for eight years. My bribe was the bait to get her to step into the snow globe.”

“This isn’t a theory. I’m the guy in the room. I’m acknowledging I took part in all this. I thought I was helping them conduct federal law enforcement. it turned out I was helping them set up Hillary Clinton for a Deep State to control her,” he concluded.

Former Overstock CEO Dr. Patrick Byrne joins The Alex Jones Show to present evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. (Seen on the video at Infowars…where video’s are banned)

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