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Nobody Knows and Nobody seems to care just how MUCH and how insidiously the masses are being brainwashed daily to accept the policies of the top 1 percent who rule the world, and now want to control every single human on the planet. From interracial marriage, to all men should be dweebs, to only our politicians know what’s going on, to what we MUST put in our bodies, to being gay is NORMAL, to all whites are racists and privileged, to America needs to step off the global stage of being suspicious to open borders are a good thing, to we should go into war with Russia, and President Donald Trump actually LOST the election to Biden…to.…you will get used to owning nothing and like it.

The brainwashing is in EVERYTHING: Commercials. Books. Late night talk shows hosts, and most of all, our schools.

It’s being done and HAS been done to us all for years, this psychological manipulation, and very cleverly. The trouble is, we are distracted by the entertainment, and don’t pay much attention to the lessons hidden in the texts, in the scripts, in the very hourly broadcasts.

Myself, I am sick to death of it all.

Klaus Schwab, the new ruler of the World, admits in his book “The Great Narrative,” that he knows this is what they do.

Good old comrade Klaus wants us all to be chipped and, in the future, to be connected with chips in our brains to the internet, the new 4th revolution where all humans will be monitored and “improved” with tech. But even he admits there is a problem with getting us all to accept this. He plans to do it…through what they HAVE been using to change society: through the movies.

Why do you think TV’s are so cheap right now?

Here’s how Klaus explains it in his book:


“Potent narratives in literature, movies, or comics (Like the Japanese manga) have the power to instill fear or alternatively engender reassurance with regard to technology and innovation.


He goes on to talk about how Metaverse was taken from a sci-fi book, and “there is no doubt that this whole process will be a transformative one. Some loathe the idea. Others’ embrace it with enthusiasm.


He goes on to mention the influence of Hollywood:


“We did a survey in the UK. If people are concerned about AI, they cite “the Terminator” by contrast, Japanese attitudes to AI are dramatically less dystopian because of the unique cultural history of robots in Japanese manga. Two of the country’s most famous animated series, “Astro Boy is a little android with superhuman power who coexist happily with humans, with Doraemon is a cut blue cat who happens to be a robot and who travels back in time to save a young boy. Compared with The Terminator, that is such a different perspective on what AI could be. Having that different narrative history completely changes the way in which people think about TECH.”


Yesterday I posted a video in which Mark Dice pointed out the hypocrisy of Glenn Beck’s stance on homosexuals adopting kids. It’s my Nobody Opinion that Glenn has been influenced BY this massive, and very overwhelming narrative that all gay people should have the right to have kids, and if you don’t believe that, you’re a horrible person. That has been the narrative for a long time. By the way, he was rasied a Catholic which I believe is one of the reason for his ‘compassion’. Also, money is important to Glenn and his successful broadcast.

But, is this healthy for the kids? No mother? What is the history of gay men with children? Sure, many of them can be loving parents…BUT…if the gay men had been married before to a woman, had kids, then divorced and married a man, those children had a mother. That would be…honest. BUT…

Does nobody remember Jeffery Dalmer? He was a gay man, who loved and killed, and ate young boys. And he wasn’t the only gay mass murderer.

Let us not forget the massive crimes done in the Catholic church, the boy scouts, and we could go on and on, and YET, we should trust our children to gay men because they adopt the kids?

Was this in Jesus’s teachings somewhere?

 Right now, Disney is promoting gayness on the kids and are fighting Ron DeSantis’s new bill, while at the same time they are trying to get Disney into many Muslim countries where they KILL gays.

Disney can pick and choose their narratives.

I guess in Libya, Micky will kill a gay Goofy.

And that brings me to the horrible subject that Pedophilia is being now pushed to be normal, from the new Supreme Court Nominee to watching Joe Biden kiss every kid he’s around to, what the Sam Hill was Michael Jackson doing sleeping with all those kids?

That is the new normal. We got the “whites are racists.” To the “Black people are being kept from voting” to “women are now the best warriors, but a man can beat them in sports” to “Dr. Fauci’s IS Science” to we need to have open borders because we had so many abortions, we need cheap labor to compete with China.

The NARRATIVE of Klaus is never ending. And the narrative while being complained about, is transforming society at an alarming rate.

The GREAT NARRATIVE was used in the Covid Outbreak to cause great fear among the people of the world, and then they took control, got us all to isolate, because of the fear. Small businesses were closed, the fact that it WAS a bioweapon hidden, was hidden, so were the cures.

And the rich got even richer.

They will ALWAYS use the great narrative to create fear in us all.

The next fear being pumped is “The world will starve without us rulers, or Ebola will be released among the population and ONLY those with a Covid Vaccine will live. Because the Ebola vaccine will only be given to those vaccinated. And as Klause tell you below, only the rich governments can save you all.

Or so I’ve read.

Guess what? They already have the Ebola vaccine ready to go. It’s true.

In history, BEFORE the invention of TV and film, many tales of the boogey man were invented to keep children obeying. Devils and Saints were invented to keep the masses obeying. But if the adults do not wake up to this mind control, of just how relentlessly they are being brainwashed to obey, keeping the masses in fear, we really are doomed.

As the video above notes: We need to get our spiritual mojo going. Our courage to stand up. As she says, the big brother cannot exist without the little brother.

And that’s the message they will NEVER give you ever.

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