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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson…AGAIN

Nobody’s Fool

Once again, Fox should be thanking their lucky stars that they STILL have Tucker Carlson on. He’s the best thing going right now, and the most honest and intelligent among all the voice out there right now about putting all this blatant destruction of our country together.

For instance, he’s right here. I remember living through the Kennedy assassination’s, and they certainly never brought up the point that Lee was a communist. Tucker’s right. They hide this from the public, in order to put LBJ in the White House. And it worked.

Sadly, we are just realizing now that our politicians have been doing this for years. They form the narrative, they control the narrative, so much now, it’s scary. And everyday we are told that we are free.

We are…not.

Enjoy and watch this incredible young man sum it up. He’s at his prime…let’s hope he doesn’t become Drudge.

This Nobody would like to say, “Thank you Mr. Carlson.” Now that Trump is gone America needs more than ever to trust someone. Right now, you’re the best.

God be with you…and guard YOU against the evil that is all around us.

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