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GOP NOW Has Their Own Hillary!

Nobody’s Perfect

Go ahead. If you haven’t seen this video, make sure you are in a calm mood, or else you like me will end up doing this after listening to her blatant lies and insufferable vainglorious and idiotic memorized lines.

She said “Lincoln and Reagan twice.” Reagan would have scolded her good, and then made a joke.

OMG. As I watched this I thought she was the exact identical twin to Hillary Clinton. Same arrogance. Same smirk when she watches clips of people hating her. Same conceit. Same demon persona. Same, “I know what you need and you should just all shut up and let me rule” crap.

When I had heard that she had been elected to the House, some time ago, I thought…what? How else could this woman get in unless she had DADDY to put her there? According to most historical records, it was DADDY who got Bush to get into all those middle east wars, which cost us over 7 trillions dollars. But then again, Bush always played the ‘dummy’ to protect his legacy.

Yes, Daddy made a LOT of money in those wars. Biden isn’t the only one who is good at that.

Things are pretty sad, when you have to send this buffoon imitation of a human being to save your Republican’s party.

And boy, is she delusional. And suffers from TDS. Her own state censored her, and wants her to resign. But hey, she tells THEM what they want, and it’s her. They just don’t know it. She could care less about her state.

Like Hillary, she throws in “THE CONSTITUTION” to sound impressive. Trump didn’t assault the Capital. Oh, and conspiracy theory. I really do think they went to the same “How to shut up the masses.” Alinsky classes.

And yes, Antifa WAS there, Ms. Cheney. Trump DID win Ms Cheney.

But of course, you know that.

So, it’s official. The GOP has it’s Hillary, and I suppose Liz is going to running for President in 2024.

She might have to take a few more hunting trips with Dad. The only man who can ‘accidently’ shoot another man on a hunting trip, and get by with it. Brush up on her ‘get out of jail free’ card.

Sorry Liz. The Trump supporters are not going away. Trump won the election, and you are just making him more popular.

Yes, yes, we’re sorry. But then again, You’re not too bright are you?

Nobody’s Perfect.

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