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Nobody Knows The Truth About the Bush Family

Nobody Knows—-

About the REAL the Bush family. The history we’ve been allowed to ‘swallow’ has been well controlled, just as the news is being controlled now. We all know the history that we all grew up with, with two Presidents who represented the head of the GOP party for decades. Men who held themselves to be ‘above’ petty politics. Stoic. Well respected.

All the while, what they did in the background was…shocking.

Both Bushes, daddy Bush and his son, started their political lives by getting elected in TEXAS. That’s another blog. But that’s not where their roots are: They are and still are, rooted in the East. No matter how many movies showing George W. putting his boots on, his money came from his family the real and powerful backers, and bankers.

The Bush who paved the way for both George H.W. and his son, was none other than Senator Prescott Bush: H.W.’s father.

Prescott Bush made his great fortune, suppling weapons to Hitler, all through WWII–well, let’s just say that put Prescott Bush in the top 1percent of his time. And not just a few guns, pretty much the whole army. How did he manage this?

Prescott was business partners with the Wall Street international investment bank of Brown, Brothers, & Harriman, one of the most powerful political forces in the United States during much of the 20th century, and for many years the largest private bank in the world. Prescott was managing partner of this bank. When the U.S. entered War War I in 1917, Prescott’s father, Samuel P. Bush. became chief of the Ordnance Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the War Industries Board. He had no background in munitions. (Can you say Hunter?)

Samuel Pryor Bush, along with Percy Rockefeller (The Bush oil connections is another blog) supplied machine guns and Colt automatic pistols, and millions of rifles to Czarist Russia. In fact they sold to both sides. They got together with the Brits and poured money abroad and were never scrutinized by any electorate back home.

This gun running still goes on today. President Bill Clinton, gave North Korea Uranium for his nukes, and helped China gain the military capacity to hit any city in the United States with nukes. Hillary sold uranium to Russia. Obama armed Iran, Isis,…and John McCain was in on that deal too.

Our Presidents and politicians, it seems, have been selling arms to our enemies for decades without any repercussions at all.

But back to Prescott: The Harriman bank re-started Germany’s steamships. It would become the largest private shipping line in the world. It was called Hamburg Amerika. It continued for 50 years, all through the wars.

Then Harriman and J.P. Morgan merged.

Later the Nazi army was equipped by Flick, Harriman, Walker and Bush, with materials stolen from Poland. Their lawyers, Allen and John Foster Dulles, handled the Nazi transactions. The Nazi were all armed with American guns. All of this, including submachine guns and revolvers were shipped by Prescott and Harriman.

John Foster Dulles, who was in on this treasonous act, would later be U.S. Secretary of state. And tell me, how MANY of our politicians that commit treasonous acts get awarded BETTER jobs, higher pay, and Nobel Peace Prizes? Even today, this is the norm.

For instance, Cuomo just get some kind of reward after sending thousands of Covid seniors into nursing homes. An Emmy. Yep.

Even though on Oct. 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City, all this being conducted by Prescott, nothing happened to him. Most of the records of arms related transactions were burned “To save space in the National Archives.”

Remember: Oklahoma city had FBI records, Building 7 of 9/11, had FBI records, and here in St. Louis, where the Bush family had started, that government record building burned to the ground.

Starting to see a pattern here?

The Bush history has really been polished over, but not many people know how passionate H.W. was about Planned Parenthood and the march to curtail the global population. He is the one who started using our tax-payer money to fund the rest of the world in Planned Parenthood, an organization he loved. I only mention this because truly, this New World Order of the Elites from Harvard, Yale and now, international corporations, started oh so long ago.

George W.’s daddy, H.W., first ran for Senator of Texas and lost mainly due to the fact that his opponent in that race, Yarborough, who was a native Texan unlike George, made it known that George had the backing of the Eastern Bankers and the CFR.

The Council of Foreign Relations:

From “Power Behind the Government Today”


From it’s inception has had an important part in planning the whole diabolical scheme of crating a ONE WORLD FEDERATION of socialist states under the United Nations…These carefully worked out detailed plans, in connection with the World Bank and the use of billions of tax-exempt foundations dollars, were carried out secretively over a period of years. Their fruition could mean not only the absolute destruction of our form of government, national independence and sovereignty, but to a degree at least , that of every nation in the world

“The New World Order, we see, is really nothing new.” (1992)

In his unarthoized book by Webster Griffin, the authors make this statement:


We offer this book in those who share our profound horror at the concept of a return to a single worldwide Roman Empire as suggested by Bush’s “Pax Universlais ” slogan.


Once again, As we see happening right before us, these plans are being implemented. Prescott was Hitlers banker. Prescott was married to “Bunny” Harriman, daughter of Averell Harriman, and they all were elite Yale Skull and Bones members, along with Rockefeller who was in the same class. This is the Old GOP that we see now, the RINOS trashing President Trump.

Skull and Bones, of Yale and Harvard, are the places were the powerful bankers, Presidents, politicians, and oligarchy of the world have hatched, all the while, hidden from sight has been their real agenda: To control the world.

They believe, (Along with Bill Gates) That the world has TOO MANY PEOPLE.

Hitler got his “population control” ideas from Planned Parenthood.

And it’s now, come back with a global vengeance. Bigger than Hitler’s plan. And if you think that this ‘conspiracy’ is just that,…

Read this: From a fictional book written in 1981. It will, shock you.

Was he trying to warn us? Nobody Wonders.

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