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Nobody Wins with Bruce Casto

Nobody Wins

I sat through some of today’s impeachment proceedings, and here’s a few random observations.

Like a Hollywood movie, a REAL ACTION movie was presented right off the bat. Every entertainer knows this trick. As I was watching, what looked like a TRUE horror of really mad people, I kept wondering. “How come we haven’t seen ANY of this footage before? Or heard these chants of “Trump told us to!” Or men shouting through bullhorns. “Let’s go! This way! Let’s get em!” How did they keep this all under wraps?

Later, as I thought about it, it seemed like these leaders of the crowd could very well have been actors.

The video itself was not just somebody’s cell phone, no, it was clear that real cameramen were taking these shots. And it was edited to make Trump LOOK as if he was trying to get the crowd to run out and storm the Capitol.

NO images were shown of the mostly peaceful crowd that was there that day. On purpose.

Anyone, who listened to his whole speech that day, knows Trump didn’t do any of the sort. He told everyone to “peacefully and patriotically” go to the Capital. And as he spoke these words, the trouble had already started. Probably, like the rest of us, he was watching the news, which frankly, didn’t show much. I think he was purposely kept out of the loop.

The lawyers on the democratic side tried desperately to say that you could impeach a President because he was still President. (And they know he still is really.) And Nancy playing her “Hold em” cards so she could get Roberts off the bench was typical dirty politics.

But, like true liberals, they kept telling us what the Constitution MEANT. Even if impeachment wasn’t in the Constitution, well, lots of politicians in Merry old England wanted it to be. Democrats will SAY that even if something isn’t in the Constitution, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be.

I got especially mad when they quoted John Quincy Adams, who said they could impeach him out of office for anything he did in office. Knowing the man as I have made a good study of him, he probably was being criticized out of office for something some politicians didn’t like that he did while he was president. It was a typical Adams snarky remark, from an honest man, son of an honest man, both whom never got any credit in history for anything.

Being honest, and patriots’— they both made lousy politicians.

The REASON millions came to the Capitol that day was NEVER, EVER mentioned. People were pissed off that the election was stolen, and all of Congress, refused to even listen to the evidence.

When the Jewish lawyer tried to score empathy votes with his son’s suicide the DAY before, I thought “What the HELL were you doing there at the Capital? Pathetic to use your son’s death for brownie points.


They kept saying Trump lost, and it was an ARMED insurrection. IT WAS NOT. The main weapons was the American flag, I didn’t see anyone waving a gun. The man who shot that poor lady point blank, was a security guard for one of the Congressmen. He had NO reason to kill that poor woman. That was…murder.

I’d like to know which Congressmen or women he worked for, wouldn’t you? But you won’t.

And then Trump’s first lawyer came up: Bruce Casto. He spent a lot of time trying to butter up the Senate, and speak for free speech, in fact, he spent a lot of time protecting AOC’s rants. He would represent her in a heartbeat. The guy might as well have been Bill Barr.

Everyone agreed he was terrible. The second lawyer was good David Schoen. He made excellent points, as to why they should not impeach Trump.

Didn’t matter, the RINO”s voted for the show, because this is all about destroying the man they hate.

And the other GOP members, all but a few, will sit quietly, then go home to their mansions.

Today, left many Trump supporters wondering WHY his first lawyer kept insisting that Biden won! The citizens spoke!

Really? Is Trump such a bad judegment of charactors that he picked this lousy man to represent him?

Can he fire this guy?

I would. Or, did the rumored assassination’s attempt on his life at Mar-a-Lago, made him want to just make it all go away? Oh, you didn’t hear about that?

Nobody Wins, when even a President can’t get a fair trial. And here’s a surprise I bet is coming:

John Adams was famous for representing the British soldiers from the mob. A Democrat lawyer would say that John Adams would be on THEIR side…protecting Congress from the mob. A mob just like the one we saw that day.

But I disagree. John Adams represented the soldiers because he wanted to show that America stood for law and order.

President Trump has always stood for law and order. And he deserves, as Schoen said so passionately today, his day in court. President Trump has NEVER been given a fair trial. Ever.

If they bring this up (And I’ll be surprised that they might) I hope that his lawyers get history right.

Nobody Wins, if you keep hiring the wrong people Mr. President. It’s not just you that will suffer, it’s the whole world. Get another lawyer.

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