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Mitch and Pelosi: VS America FIRST

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While we watch the ‘globalists’ Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell throw temper tantrums on the floor of the Senate, the picture of a global oligarchy willing to go full throttle now, is getting scarier.

And they are scared. Isn’t it obvious? Why else do you think they put up fences with heavy guards around the Capitol? THEY KNOW, how pissed off the American people are. After all, the NSA and the tech guys keep them well informed of everything.

Vast conservative sites are being kicked off the grid. The globalist does not even hide their plans anymore. Everyone must be vaccinated, and the world must obey their orders. Complete control by THEM will be the norm.

By now you’ve heard that they want to rid the world of that pesky desire to want to own your own property. It’s communism full throttle.

The young people of today cannot even afford to buy a house. And so, getting the older generations off their property will take some time. BUT… no one should own property, cash will disappear, and everyone will just barter. Yep. Be sure and catch the propaganda for your kids movie below.

No one will eat meat, or travel very far. EVERYONE will be vaccinated.

When I read that they didn’t want anyone to own property anymore I thought to myself, WHAT? How are they going to make millions of Americans give up their houses?

It wasn’t long until I got the answer in the mail. Last week, some real estate company offered me FULL PRICE cash for my house, and I could sell it, OR…stay in it and pay rent. Not the usual “I will buy your house” stuff. NO…full price.

That doesn’t happen, and who would pay full price for a house sitting in the middle of radioactive nuclear waste and one of the worst crime’s scenarios’ in the nation?

Bill Gates? Soros? China?

Let’s see: Destroy the middle class, go in and buy up the house, tell the people they can stay in those houses if they pay rent. That was the giveaway: We’ll let you pay, hand over your house, and you can pay US rent.

Ok, pretty simple. Much like “Tell everybody they are going to die and never work again until they get vaccinated.”

Here’s another thing nobody has heard about: Remember, the media has attacked Trump AND Putin now for the last four years? And I hate to say, I told you so, but to me it was obvious. The only two nations that China has to conquer are America and Russia.

At the last World economic Forum, Putin said this:


Brilliant! President Putin just called for love and the scraping of the 120-year British-American Pilgrims Society “new world order” theory at the World Economic Forum

Putin called the “centralized and uni-polar world order” a moribund strategy that has embroiled Russia and the world in more than a century of war and godless, culture-destroying monopolies

This same British-American Pilgrims Society, after deposing Czar Nicholas (1917), and then murdering his entire family by firing squad (1918), devastated Russia with a godless Pilgrims-financed Bolshevik terror, enslaved satellite nations too, and repressed the citizens for 70 years while murdering tens of millions of souls to suppress dissent.

Of course, the Mainstream Media is also full of traitors just as the C.I.A., FBI, DoJ, NSA, DHS and Department of State are staffed by so many subversives.  Deep State traitors also populate the CDC, HHS, NIH, FDA and Big Pharma.  In fact, there are now more seditious elements throughout Deep State than there are patriots and nationalists.  The globalists have literally taken over the US government lock, stock and barrel.  Which is precisely why they have launched such a desperate and reckless, brazen and insane bio-attack against the entire planetary civilization to permanently expunge the God gene.


The TRUMP is bad, and Russia is bad crap, will get louder as the propaganda that Obama and his family are still around will become more ‘everywhere.’ and China will be taking over, not only Disney, but the rest of the country, starting with New York and California. As I’ve told you, they are already in our commercials, our sitcoms, our movies…speaking perfect English.

They now have complete control over everything we see, but a few spots on FOX, OAN, and Voice of America.

Texas is the next target. They MUST have Texas. And I’ll explain why in another blog.

For now, all you have to know is that Mitch McConell and Mike Pence have been on the side of the NEW WORLD ORDER all along.

Now, they have to crush us all. And fast. To what I’m reading, it’s all about crashing the economy again.

Whatever you have to say about Putin, at least he knows what’s going on, and will fight along with Trump to stop it.

And if you think Putin is bad, wait till I tell you about the “BUSH” family.

The family behind most all of it. That could take weeks.

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