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Mitch and Pelosi: VS America FIRST

Nobody’s Opinion

While we watch the ‘globalists’ Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell throw temper tantrums on the floor of the Senate, the picture of a global oligarchy willing to go full throttle now, is getting scarier.

And they are scared. Isn’t it obvious? Why else do you think they put up fences with heavy guards around the Capitol? THEY KNOW, how pissed off the American people are. After all, the NSA and the tech guys keep them well informed of everything.

Vast conservative sites are being kicked off the grid. The globalist does not even hide their plans anymore. Everyone must be vaccinated, and the world must obey their orders. Complete control by THEM will be the norm.

By now you’ve heard that they want to rid the world of that pesky desire to want to own your own property. It’s communism full throttle.

The young people of today cannot even afford to buy a house. And so, getting the older generations off their property will take some time. BUT… no one should own property, cash will disappear, and everyone will just barter. Yep. Be sure and catch the propaganda for your kids movie below.

No one will eat meat, or travel very far. EVERYONE will be vaccinated.

When I read that they didn’t want anyone to own property anymore I thought to myself, WHAT? How are they going to make millions of Americans give up their houses?

It wasn’t long until I got the answer in the mail. Last week, some real estate company offered me FULL PRICE cash for my house, and I could sell it, OR…stay in it and pay rent. Not the usual “I will buy your house” stuff. NO…full price.

That doesn’t happen, and who would pay full price for a house sitting in the middle of radioactive nuclear waste and one of the worst crime’s scenarios’ in the nation?

Bill Gates? Soros? China?

Let’s see: Destroy the middle class, go in and buy up the house, tell the people they can stay in those houses if they pay rent. That was the giveaway: We’ll let you pay, hand over your house, and you can pay US rent.

Ok, pretty simple. Much like “Tell everybody they are going to die and never work again until they get vaccinated.”

Here’s another thing nobody has heard about: Remember, the media has attacked Trump AND Putin now for the last four years? And I hate to say, I told you so, but to me it was obvious. The only two nations that China has to conquer are America and Russia.

At the last World economic Forum, Putin said this:


Brilliant! President Putin just called for love and the scraping of the 120-year British-American Pilgrims Society “new world order” theory at the World Economic Forum

Putin called the “centralized and uni-polar world order” a moribund strategy that has embroiled Russia and the world in more than a century of war and godless, culture-destroying monopolies

This same British-American Pilgrims Society, after deposing Czar Nicholas (1917), and then murdering his entire family by firing squad (1918), devastated Russia with a godless Pilgrims-financed Bolshevik terror, enslaved satellite nations too, and repressed the citizens for 70 years while murdering tens of millions of souls to suppress dissent.

Of course, the Mainstream Media is also full of traitors just as the C.I.A., FBI, DoJ, NSA, DHS and Department of State are staffed by so many subversives.  Deep State traitors also populate the CDC, HHS, NIH, FDA and Big Pharma.  In fact, there are now more seditious elements throughout Deep State than there are patriots and nationalists.  The globalists have literally taken over the US government lock, stock and barrel.  Which is precisely why they have launched such a desperate and reckless, brazen and insane bio-attack against the entire planetary civilization to permanently expunge the God gene.


The TRUMP is bad, and Russia is bad crap, will get louder as the propaganda that Obama and his family are still around will become more ‘everywhere.’ and China will be taking over, not only Disney, but the rest of the country, starting with New York and California. As I’ve told you, they are already in our commercials, our sitcoms, our movies…speaking perfect English.

They now have complete control over everything we see, but a few spots on FOX, OAN, and Voice of America.

Texas is the next target. They MUST have Texas. And I’ll explain why in another blog.

For now, all you have to know is that Mitch McConell and Mike Pence have been on the side of the NEW WORLD ORDER all along.

Now, they have to crush us all. And fast. To what I’m reading, it’s all about crashing the economy again.

Whatever you have to say about Putin, at least he knows what’s going on, and will fight along with Trump to stop it.

And if you think Putin is bad, wait till I tell you about the “BUSH” family.

The family behind most all of it. That could take weeks.

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Nobody Wonders WHY Mitch McConnell Had to Deal Such a Low Blow to President Trump

Today, was a sad day for America. It was the day that the ‘electors’ picked Joe Biden to be President, and so, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell came out and gave a lovely speech about how wonderful both Joe and Kamala were, and congratulated them on their win. Never mind that they will abolish the electoral college after this, with the help of Mitch I’m sure.

“The electors have spoken.” said Mitch.

Nobody Wonders: Uh…have they? Was it just the ones you let in the door?

I was remembering back on the 2020 Presidential election night. I was watching FOX news that night, and thought it strange that the MOST exciting news and the most important news of the first hours was that Mitch McConnell AND Lindsey Graham had been reelected. Right away we saw their beaming faces. In fact, it was within minutes.

What are the odds of that? Everybody was rejoicing that these two RINOS were going to stay controlling the Senate.

Lindsey was all over the networks before the elections claiming that he was worried and we all must SEND HIM MONEY! He might lose! Well, two RINO happy campers, were announced early in the night as if it was a piece of cake, and not even close, and much more important than the Presidential election. At least it seemed that way to the FOX reporters reporting it. When it came to Trump, they were scared he WOULD win.

It was obvious to anyone watching.

And I do remember thinking: Wow. How easy was that for those two guys? It’s almost as if, it was rigged.

The RINOS want back in power, and Mitch was their ticket. Not to mention, Mitch’s wife, Elaine Chao, is cabinet member China truly loves: She is the head of Transportation, and her family has been in bed with China for years:


In early June, the New York Times published a 5,500-word feature on her family’s shipping company, its deep ties to the government of China, the money it has provided Chao and her husband and his campaigns, and Chao’s apparent efforts to use her positions to bolster the business. Among the highlights of that piece: Chao repeatedly sought to include family members and relatives affiliated with the company in meetings with top Chinese officials during overseas trips (this was reportedly stymied by State Department officials); (WOW, HUNTER HAS COMPANY!) in a response to a Senate confirmation questionnaire, Chao failed to list multiple honorary awards, titles, and appointments she had received in China; her agency has proposed U.S. maritime program budget cuts that would hurt competitors of her family’s business; she took at least 21 meetings or interviews with Chinese-language media in her first year in office, including multiple appearances with her father, the company’s former chairman; she attended an event celebrating a company deal that involved transit projects that fell under her oversight; she did not recuse herself from any decisions affecting the shipping industry. The Times also reported that 13 members of Chao’s family had given $1.1 million to McConnell’s campaigns and political action committees tied to him between 1989 and 2018. The paper noted that Chao’s father had given the couple a gift of between $5 million and $25 million in 2008 that catapulted McConnell to become the 10th wealthiest senator.

One week after the Times story, Politico reported on Chao’s apparent efforts to boost her husband’s political career through favorable Department of Transportation treatment for McConnell-friendly Kentucky communities. Among the highlights of that piece: Chao had an aide on her payroll specifically working as an intermediary to McConnell’s office and dedicated to Kentucky transportation projects; Owensboro, the Kentucky community where the special adviser was from, received an $11.5 million federal grant for a highway-widening project after it was rejected by the previous administration; days before launching his 2020 Senate campaign, McConnell held an event in Owensboro touting his work for the community; after Chao met with a top county official, her department approved “a $67 million discretionary grant to upgrade roads in rural Boone County, another McConnell stronghold northeast of Louisville.”

Her family’s business, the Foremost Group, is a shipping, trading and finance company. Chao has no formal affiliation with the company but she has been gifted millions of dollars from her father, who ran the company until last year, according to the Times. Chao is married to Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, whose re-election campaigns have also benefited from large monetary donations from the Chao family.

In June 2018, McConnell became the longest-serving Senate Republican leader in the history of the United States.[29] McConnell is the second Kentuckian to serve as a party leader in the Senate (after Alben W. Barkley led the Democrats from 1937 to 1949)[10] and is the longest-serving U.S. senator from Kentucky in history.[30]


That’s why it’s so important for the Georgia Senate Race to elect Republicans. Trump worked hard and has told everyone to elect them. President Trump has supported them all. Without his support, they would have had a hard time. The Republican party IS the Trump party. Most Republicans love the guy. It’s the RINOS they put up with, and that’s only because tells them too. Washington is global now. It has been for years, and they HAD to get rid of Trump.

They all worked hard to that end.

The last few weeks have been FILLED with outrage over the blatent voter fraud, and the fact that Trump won by so many votes, the most in American history, that they had to stop counting so as to come up with votes for Biden in the wee hours of the morning. The global communist’s have worked from every angle to pull this off, and with the help of Mitch McConnell, they figure they will.

Biden today in Georgia, only drew a crowd of twenty people. And yet, Mitch wants you to beleive that he won fair and square.

Maybe Mitch needs a better body guard:

The American people are hoping that President Trump does what he should do: Protect and defend the Constitution.

Trump is NOT one to walk away. Today’s news, was really no news really…just more deep stators showing their true colors.

Was ANYONE surprised?

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Nobody’s Fool” Mitch McConnell

Nobody’s Fool

If you missed this history lesson from Mitch McConnell, it’s worth the listen.

He lays out why all the hysterical remarks by the democrats about the vote destroying our Constitution with a vote so close to the election, is nonsense.

Well worth the watch.

McConnell is Nobody’s Fool. 

Still, this nobody is expecting Romney to upset it if he can.

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Our Father…Who Art In Washington….Unhallowed be thy name…

Nobody Wins

It’s a wonderful day comrades! Today, the great and wise father of our country came out and reprimanded severely those impertinent children in the House for harming our economy, and now, that they’ve succeeded in giving the purse to Obama, everything is good. (Even FOX has caved) Time to move on to all the rest of our Fathers’ good intentions….like amnesty, Obamacare, and making sure that our embassies have really nice $58 dollar Chrystal goblets on their pretty tables. (John Kerry just spend $5 million on that..god forbid he has to drink out of a regular cup when he visits them.)

Yes, it’s  good: The Father says that government is good. It’s good because we have all found out that we really need government The government is needed to protect our embassies, (Can you believe he said that after Benghazi?)  Already, the ministers of propaganda are out in celebration—-The President, who was actually the one who shut down the government, has once again, saved the country from that horribly outdated Constitution:

Here’s thObama orderse Muslim, Fareed Zakria, to explain:Farreed

“For many conservatives, the “rot” to be excoriated is not about economics and health care but about culture. A persistent theme of conservative intellectuals and commentators — in print and on Fox News — is the cultural decay of the country. But compared with almost any period in U.S. history, we live in bourgeois times,(I.E. Georgetown)  in a culture that values family, religion, work and, above all, business)  Young people today aspire to become Mark Zuckerberg. (They can aspire, just as long as they hand out those Big Macs with a smile.)  They quote the aphorisms of Warren Buffett (While they get his five dollar lunch at DQ.) and read the Twitter feed of Bill Gates.(Wow. That’s bound to help you get rich.)  Even after the worst recession since the Great Depression, there are no obvious radicals, anarchists, Black Panthers or other revolutionary movements — save the tea party.”

(Yes, it’s NOT the black Panthers or illegal gangs that are killing people every day in the United States…it’s those radical Tea Party Patriots.  )

“The era of crises could end, but only when this group of conservatives makes its peace with today’s America. (They are misty-eyed in their devotion to a distant republic of myth and memory (He has a point, they have destroyed pretty much of it) yet passionate in their dislike of the messy, multiracial, quasi-capitalist democracy that has been around for half a century ( — a fifth of our country’s history. (WHAT?) At some point, will they come to recognize that you cannot love America in theory and hate it in fact?”

We love America, Fareed, we just hate fascists Muslims like you and your boss,  who are trying to take it over.

Obama says the way that business is done in Washington has to change.

“The American people are completely fed up with Washington,” Obama said in stern remarks at the White House.”

Translation: I…need to be King. Crown me.

Obama also called for the stop of hatred. HA! Coming from the King of hatred himself. But we all know Obama is on the megalomaniacal path to a Hitler-like figure, what many people don’t, understand is the republicans that are working with him: Like Mitch McConnell.Mitch McConnell

Last night we found out that Mitch McConnell’s vote was bought with a $2.9 billion dollar present, up from $775 million, to upgrade the Olmstead lock on the Ohio River. The two states it straddles on, are represented by two of the Senate’s most powerful members: the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, and No. 2 Democratic leader, Richard Durbin of Illinois.

Mitch was also the one who proposed a bill to give Obama complete power to raise the debt limit all by himself, barring congressional disapproval, in 2011.

So, we see the democratic party enlarging its power: By this account, Chris Christie will be the next President.

In the meantime, the rollout of Obamacare seems to have been deliberate…for many reasons, they really don’t want you to know how expensive it is: YET. And it will provide an excuse for implementing the one payer system when it does fail.

Yes, our father is saving the country, and anybody who opposed him is…what?

Say it all together now! RACIST!!

ROBERT REDFORD, actor: “There is a body of congressional people that wants to paralyze the system. Robert Redford twoI think what sits underneath it, unfortunately, is there’s probably some racism involved, which is really awful. … I think just the idea of giving credit to this President, giving him credit for anything, is abhorrent to them, so they’ll go against it.”

Okay Bob, we give him credit—for the whole mess. Get back on your horse and ride can get into the Grand Canyon now.

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