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Nobody’s Perfect: Turtle-Butt Mitch McConnell

Nobody’s Perfect.

Old Turtle breathe has came forth to try to save the GOP last week. He wants Trump hounded until he can be hounded no more. Sued in law courts up until the day he dies. He wants to bankrupt him. Hurt him till he is dead in the ground.

I TRIED not to watch this, because it’s hard to watch another rich, buffoon lecture the American people WHO HAVE PAID HIS SALARY for too many years, making him and his China affiliated wife billions, about how he plans to destroy their favorite President. He forgot it’s “WE THE PEOPLE” not Mitch the leader of the Senate.

The interpretation? WE, the American people have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to attack the Sacred halls of the Capital. Destroy your own cities, we don’t care, but don’t you DARE attack us.

Gee Mitch. You can site the Constitution all you want, but you forgot the REASON we left Merry Old England, the reason freedom loving people formed a bond, and wrote that Constitution you keep quoting…and what Thomas Jefferson, said–

EVEN IF TRUMP HAD NOT SAID A WORD…the American people have a RIGHT to be angry. Especially after the last decades of being berated by elite overpaid criminals that run in the halls of our government.

We have a right,giving to us by our founders, to resist tyranny and to destroy a government that we don’t like.

Sorry…maybe somebody should tell you to read the Declaration.

Mitch has NO integrity. His hatred of President Trump was so great, and his conviction was adamant that President Trump was guilty beyond all doubt as we see in this traitorous speech,—AND YET, while he pretends to be all high and mighty, he voted NOT GUILTY twice, during both impeachments.

BECAUSE…he’s not guilty!So..IS he guilty? But you wanted to keep your job? Which is it Mitch? You can’t have it both ways and expect to be taken seriously.

Mitch is part of the DEEP STATE/Bush/Harriman/British New World Order. He is employing the same “psychological warfare’ put together by Allen Dulles and the secret services so long ago, on the deep state resort of Juniper Island in Florida, where Prescot Bush and the Dulles brothers, and the Harriman bankers formed the beginnings of the ‘deep state’ CIA to conduct extensive propaganda campaigns and mass psychology experiments in the US.

As Eisenhower, JFK and Truman warned us, this deep state are entranced in every nook and cranny of our government. And these men are NOT elected.

Notice, the ‘fine’ words McConnell uses here: He uses the SAME brain-washing words as Hillary: “Myth. Conspiracy. Secret Coup.” Trashing Americans RIGHT to follow a President they loved. I was especially taken by Mitch’s disgust to see Trump’s flag being carried.

REALLY? Here it is again Mitch:

Sadly, this propaganda is working. I talked today on the phone with an old friend from Naples. I told her I posted the piece about the grocery store in Naples, where people don’t have to wear masks.

“THAT MAN IS Despicable!” She yelled. “He has a TRUMP flag outside his door!” And while she admitted that Trump did some good things for the county, She shouted, “He is a PIG!”

“Why?” I asked.

She didn’t like the way he talked about women to Billy Bush.

I Ttied to explain to her that the conversation was re-edited in translation. But she wouldn’t listen. Then she said,

“Well, all Presidents do good things and bad.”

“Okay. What did Obama do that was good?” I asked.

“Oh, I can’t think of what right now.” She wanted to hang up on me.

So there you go, I had to call her back. And talk about her little life. Get her mind off of Trump. Her hatred of Trump comes from the pain she still feels in her heart about her husband leaving her for another woman…because she was fat.

She hates all men. She just doesn’t see that her pain in her own life is clouding her judgement for ALL men.

But, who was I to tell her?

But back to Turtle face. Does he really think that people would drop Trump and listen to his lies? Did Mitch ever once denounce the burning down of our cities, pushed by Obama AND the democrats? Did he ever stick up for the rule of law and Trump getting his day in court, like every other citizen?

No. Well, not too long ago, SOMEBODY beat the guy up, and we all know…it’s wasn’t President Trump.

Americans, are just being Americans. They’ve BEEN free, and they don’t like being told what to do, and that the only man from the GOP party who ever kept his word was President Trump.

Turtle-butt should just go back into his shell. Retire. Get out of dodge. The more he attacks Trump, the more powerful he makes him.

Is he THAT clueless? .


And that’s why Mitch McConnell wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for being the biggest ass on the Senate Floor.

Congratulations! Mitch, your are helping millions of Americans remember their Declaration of Independence, written by our founder, Thomas Jefferson. Without men like you, being so vindictive, nobody would probably even read it. And in that respect, without you even knowing it, you have helped America.


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