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Nobody Reports: Pray for Tiger

Nobody Reports

The world woke up to the sad news that Tiger Woods was in another car crash. Right away, the reporting was…’changed’ and it looked very suspicious to say the least. My thoughts were…”What? Did they take over his car and try to kill him because he’s a Trump supporter?”

Sorry, I always go to the power because they are getting so blatantly evil these days. Too many people in history—FAMOUS people, have died from car crashes, plane crashes, etc. I think people are killed for political reasons all the time.

Call me a nut, I really don’t care at this point.

Going off the road, in a simple 40mph lane, then all of a sudden, major flipping and almost death like? Uh…Tiger is smarter than that …and after we all witnessed the car lying in the ditch, smashed, we prayed that he just would be alive.

Sadly, it gave FOX news and CNN the most ratings they’ve had since the election. They played the event and made money off of it all day long……….but tonight, I thought it was strange that most websites went back to the usual politics. Hardly any mention of it at all even though the world watched it for hours.

Being the suspicious person that I am, I thought, what are they doing in D.C. that they DON’T want us to see? The trial on what really happened in D.C.?

And the stuff they were saying: “Tiger was going to fast, he was late, driving a car he was not familiar with, maybe a coyote ran in front of him, he was tired, almost hit another care getting out of the parking lot….yada…”All speculation of course, but most it came at the end of the day that Tiger was really at fault.”

Hey, I’m surprised they don’t end up blaming President Trump for his crash. After all, Tiger, by all looks of it, really liked Trump. And I liked this video. Thanks to President Trump for coming out to console us all.

Anyway, let’s hope the surgeons were good, and Tiger will be back in the future, even it’s it five years from now. He will still be a ‘young’ man, and have a lot to offer the world. He could still win that last tournament.

He truly is…one of a kind in this world.

His talent wasn’t on loan from God, he earned every single minute of it. The AMERICAN way.

The world loves you Tiger, now, get better.

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