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TEXAS…The Last Stance Against CHINA.

Last week, we saw a once in a lifetime event happen in Texas, the one state left besides Florida that holds on to it’s ‘republican’ roots. It was hit, with an event, that no one thought could ever happen. Freezing temperatures that was so severe the electrical company, the one with the new fancy windmills that actually froze over with ice and stopped working, was certainly the reason that millions were left in the dark. Without electric. Without water. And in many cases without food. Proving of course, the windmills are a joke.

It was so cold that one Texan actually froze in his lounge chair. One woman, died with her daughter from monoxide poisoning in her car.

Over 40 people died in this disaster, and Texas was BEGGGING for Biden to help. President Trump would have sent help in a heartbeat as he always did. Not Biden. He was playing Mario Carts up in Camp Davis. The one man who could have sent help didn’t, waited to pick and choose which counties he would help.

SenatorTed Cruz, left his cold house and went to Mexico. Was he just on ‘vacation?’ Or was Cruz having a very important meeting about his upcoming run in 2024 with some Mexican big wig? We don’t know.

You all KNOW I don’t trust Cruz.

But, who do you think the media attacked?

So, why did Biden NOT help Texas? While Bill Gates was out saying it wasn’t windmills fault, why, they work in the Artic! (He must have taken time out from his interviews to look that up.) The Texas government, mostly lead by the GOP, was totally unprepared and incessantly embarrassed.

So the democrats did their usual: Don’t let a crisis go to waste: blame the OTHER guy—their official motto.

The great state of Texas was brought to its knees.

THIS nobody finds it easy to believe it could have been a ‘weather’ attack by HARP and the Chinese/democratic/globalists connections, the fact is, this is GREAT news for China.

China recently purchased over 100,000 acres of land in West Texas. They built a wind farm near U.S. military Like Fort Hood, Fort Bliss and Lackland Air Force Base.


Plunging prices have wreaked havoc on Texas oil companies struggling to avoid a wave of bankruptcies that has ravished the industry during the past five years, leaving them ripe takeover targets for rivals from China and elsewhere.

The companies’ vulnerability to foreign buyers raises the risk that the U.S. might lose control over valuable oil-producing lands in the Permian Basin, a swath of land in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico that helped the country become the world’s largest crude producer amid a shale boom.

Isn’t that what the globalists want? Complete shutdown of all U.S. oil production?


Clearly, China has launched it’s attacks against the whole of Western Civilization.

So how did this happen? Well, the GOP is very guilty, and only RINOs would do this. They did NOT fix the electrical grid of Texas…like all politicians, they just put it off.


REVEALED: Texas Establishment Republicans Blew Off Securing Electrical Grid Since 2015 – National File

Texans never voted for anyone in ERCOT. What are the people of Texas supposed to do about ERCOT?

The chairman of ERCOT doesn’t even live in Texas, but Minnesota.

Oncor, the electrical provider of Texas, is owned by Sempra Energy, headquartered out of California. The sale to this company was authorized under the purview of the Texas legislature.

So what have Texas legislators been working on instead of securing the Texas electrical grid?

Dade Phelan, instead of looking at serious issues, has instead been focusing on “diversity” and the genitals of his appointments serving on house committees as being some kind of grand achievement.


Just this morning, My favorite Brit, Nigel Farage, made a video saying that the Chinese now owns most of the schools in England, and are promoting and brainwashing the English children to the communist Chinese government coming soon.

Here in America, we have sat by and witnessed our two biggest states, with the biggest economies, have been completely destroyed, by democratic governors. Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Newsom in CA, and Cuomo in New York, have done EVERYTHING they could to destroy those economies.

Think: If you were going to destroy the United State in order to take over the world, you’d have to destroy the economy of the United States. Release the virus, put the top politicians in your pockets, and take out the big boys first. They used the machines to get rid of Trump, put in their favorite American puppet, and you are almost there.

Take out the biggest money makers: Both New York and California, will not likely ever be the same.

But there’s Still Texas. They MUST get TEXAS. Not only for the electoral votes, but everybody is moving there and TEXAS just might succeed from the union, which would start a new civil war.

Sadly, TEXAS…has a history of belonging to the globalists. Keeping Texas out of China’s hands will take men as brave as those at the Alamo. Which brings me to…the Bush Family: Not exactly the Daniel Boones of our times.

I was cleaning out my library last week, and found a book called the “Unauthorized biography of George H.W. Bush.” If you want to know how we got to this mess, by all means try to get a copy.

At the same time, I just watched the movie,”W” last week. It’s no coincidence that this movie is very high on Netflick’s list. I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Here’s a scene from the movie…Brolin does George W. so well, it’s almost scary. In fact, the whole movie is just another rewrite of history, but mostly put out to bring the world back to believing that George W. was a good old Texas American boy!

Don’t let this scene fool you. Just watch. And remember, everything you read and hear…is suspect to propaganda.

The Bushes…and Texas. OMG. Have we been fooled. This week, I will write more on what I learned.

I know this was a long post, and I went from Texas to China to Bushes, but I swear, there IS a connection. I’m just setting it up…for more tomorrow.

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