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It’s as if he never left: He just took a vacation…

Nobody’s Opinion

Sure, yesterday, like millions around the world, I wanted to see if President Trump would do what EVERY conservative pundit was telling him NOT to do in his speech at CPAC tonight: Declare he won the election, and say he was going to run again.

He pretty much did both. Looking younger than he even did in 2016, he was his old self: Funny, charming, truthful, uplifting and not changing one little bit of his policies about America, it was as if he had never left the White House. And really, we all knew he won, and that’s a fact now.

While he didn’t actually say for sure that he would run for President, it was clear to everyone watching, he most likely would.

Still, there is that problem of voting machines. Voting fraud. Could it happen again? The Democrats are sure enough not going to fix it, and they could do just about anything you can imagine to keep him and us from voting. And they would have to take over the democrats in the next elections to fix the problem.

In the meantime, what new tricks are they going to think up? They can’t impeach him anymore…they will certainly try more tax and sex scandals, but so far, Trump has survived them all. So, what does that leave them?

EMP attack? Make Puerto Rico a state? Flood us with so many people there will be no way to prevent fraud?

Keep the dominion machines? We can only imagine.

If Trump does get in, does that mean he could serve TWO terms?

There’s a long road ahead, but when I heard the St. Louis Blues Hockey Champions song…”Gloria” right before he came out, I thought to myself…now THAT’s a winner.

President Trump, is back. “He’s still standing, better than he’s ever been, looking like s true survivor, feeling like a little kid.”

As Elton John would sing,….Yeah yeah yeah!

Now, let’s get Jim Jordan as Speaker. He is just great.

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