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Nobody Cares About the Deficit

Nobody Cares if I’m too tired tonight to write, right?

I tried to embed the “Pillow” guy’s video that has proof of the election steal, and even though it’s all over the internet, it’s VERY hard for this little nobody to post it. I was going to write about that.

Be sure and catch it, you can see it if you search the conservative sites. Anyway, everybody with a BRAIN knows how they stole the election, but our politician’s really don’t care. It’s done, and they’re very happy about it.

The people of America be damned.

Anyway, because I simply want to crawl into a nice warm bed, I decided to be lazy and post this: this is an excellent video that explains how every time our government borrows TRILLIONS of dollars for the FED, just to hand it out, they are basically dooming America to become a third world country. It’s pretty sad, but he explains how in our future we might just HAVE to wear shades, because we really won’t want to see the real decay in bright sunlight while we walk around our neighborhoods.

The dollar’s days are over. And you know what? I bet Trump knows it too.

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