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That I’m taking a writing day off today, due to the fact that I WAS SCAMED AGAIN! sigh.

I spent hours on the phone trying to clean up the mess.

Anyway, Tucker didn’t take a day off, and as usual, he explains everything so well. He goes into our gas shortage and how happy the libs are with it.

Thanks Tucker!

And on a simple Nobody note: No doubt the Bush family, and Cheney are trying to form the republican party around Liz Cheney, and get Americans to back HER and hate Trump for President. I would not even worry about this except Glenn Beck today said something to the effect that we should not put all our cards on Trump.

Glenn did NOT want Trump before. He had to get on the Trump bandwagon, but no doubt, he still wants Ted Cruz to be President.

Hopefully, he is very careful about what direction he goes.

Clearly, Bush is out, Liz Cheney is vicious, and they are going full throttle against Trump running again.

Like I’ve said before: She’s Hillary’s Clone. Pretty sickening. She is also siting the “constitution” in every other sentence.

All we need now is Hillary to come back to declare the democratic nomination. LOL.

Okay, wait Joyanna, you are saying…you SAID you are taking a day off! Shut up!


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