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George W. Bush: Plantation Owner Looking for the Tree Picking Illegal.

Nobody Wonders

How this man keeps up his VERY FAKE “I’m just a humble Texas American Cowboy who loves America and all the people that come here. ” B,S.? I can barely watch this act of pure American crap. I remember back when I was so awestruck by the man after what we went through with Clinton, and how happy I was that he became President.

I’m older than that now. And wiser.

That’s how GOOD America is at selling you their politicians. Mr. Skull and Bones. Mr. “I am so not raciest that I voted for Condoleezza Rice instead of Trump, and Michelle Obama loves me! Especially after I gave her a breath mint!”

Wow. What a great guy you are George, all in” for those poor people all over the world who want into our country.” Never mind the poverty, the disease, the drugs, the socialist, the terrorist, YOUR heart is in the right place. You SAY you don’t want to get rid of the borders, but there you are, promoting your book on how we should “LET THEM ALL IN!”

This nobody hasn’t forgotten your North American Treaty with Mexico and Canada. Getting those countries ready for your shipping of American manufacturing into their countries. And let’s not forget how you bailed out all your Wall Street Friends with Taxpayer’s money. How you kept the war going on overseas so that you could “SAVE THE GIRLS.” Or whatever sounded good and kind at the moment. Playing on the good nature of Americans. All our men suffered greatly because your war…was a forever war.

You are SUCH a liar.

Bend over America, George W. can’t stop putting his face on every TV., and having the audacity to say Trump wanted his name everywhere.

God, I can hardly stand listening to him any more.

But he does it well. He’s got that “ah shucks, I’m just a old guy.” act down. It helped get him elected, and he still—just this week I heard him complain that he couldn’t find ANYBODY in America to cut his trees on his ranch. Poor baby. Most of America has lost their jobs, but he can’t find anyone to cut his trees?

Come on. He puts the American worker down whenever he can.

Here he complains about who is going to do all the roofs?

Those poor oligarchs. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Whose going to cut the lawns of all the rich people is we don’t let them in?

What a con job. What a farce.

Either he honestly believes that Americans are lazy people and will not do hard work, or he is a bonifide oligarth who thinks labor should be cheap. There is NO doubt that American men would do the work if paid well. But, as President, it was George W. Bush and his Daddy who helped pass the NAFTA, and globalization program which pulled ALL the money to the top. You and I both know, if George wanted to PAY a decent wage to Americans to cut down his frigging trees, he could. He’s just not an American. He’s a “globalist” and everyone is a Nativist. Whatever THAT means.

George is an oligarch. And a racist. AND as much as Obama, he is helping destroy America.

What he is saying is that those poor people in South America will do very hard work, for just pennies on the dollar. Which is GREAT for the ‘service’ economy that George W. help created.

Flooding the country with poor Hispanics is NO different than the plantation owners bringing in the black slaves to pick the cotton.

Plantation owners and Oligarchs wanted the same thing: Cheap labor.

But unlike in the old days, the illegals are getting the reparations, they want the votes.

Which is why the plantation owners wanted the blacks to vote.

George W. Bush can’t stand Trump, and we all know why.

Sorry. I had to get this rant out. Bush’s friends, and there are many….are the deep state.

And NO book that George sells of his immigrants to make us all feel like Americans should have to give up their borders for all immigrants, is going to work.

It’s the NWO plan to flood all the West with immigrants, in order to bring about the World Government.

And George Bush is just doing his part.

He proudly admitted in an interview that he had not driven his own car since 1997.

Yeah. Ride em’ cowboy. Why don’t you take your limo down to the border and pick up some cheap labor, and quit complaining about Trump and his supporters?

Why don’t you take your OWN advice and go paint your dog, and quit destroying our country, George?

You’ve done enough.

To me, your nothing more than a very rich plantation owner, pushing for more cheap labor. Your wars have done more damage than we will every know.

You want…slaves. Just like China has…and…and…and…

A big historical place in history as a great man.

Good luck with that George. You might get the historians to write synchophantic books of awe and wonder…

But the patriotic American…WE…will remember.

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