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Rudi KNOWS Where the Corruption Lies

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To even think that this man, this great man who was the ONLY leader that gave us all comfort and stability on 9/11, is being harassed by the FBI and Biden, is proof that the administration that has taken over, makes Putin look like a “nice guy.” This is Russia communist tactics, is it not?

Here, Rudi tells us what happened. So many people were involved in Ukraine’s big money train, so many at the top of the democratic party, are still trying to hide their corruption. Rudi knows all about it.

Rudi is now being smeared. And of course, they did it on the day Joe Biden made his State of the Union speech.

So, you wouldn’t notice. But…it’s IS a big deal.

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Nobody’s Fool: Dr. Shiva

Dr. Shiva presented his data at the Arizona hearing, showing the only way for Joe Biden to have statistically caught up with President Trump was if Democrat votes came in at 130% for Biden and -30% for Trump.

I got the above from the Gateway Pundit. One of the sites I visit everyday, as it started in my hometown of St. Louis, when the tea party was formed.

Rudy Giuliani was in Arizona today, presenting the evidence of fraud, but the republicans representatives could have cared less. As you can see, it was impossible for Biden to have won.

VERY few networks carried Rudy’s speech. In fact, I can hardly find it, but the report is the people listening to the evidence couldn’t believe it.

So, what WAS the biggest news of the day? Biden is picking his cabinet, which is FILLED with globalists set to destroy what’s left of America, and Biden has a dog, who broke his foot. And it’s a big police dog, right out of man who wants to invoke fear.

The good news? The truckers are planning to refuse to deliver the goods if Biden is put in office.

The bad news? That’s the bad news. The rich won’t suffer, but the people will.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is what America is all about. This intelligent man, makes Fauci look like Mickey Mouse.

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Rudy Lays it All Out

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The man who lead us all through 9/11, who walked through the streets of New York right after the attack, a man who has taken out Mafia bosses, now presents the vast corruption of the election steal.

If Rudy does not win in court, then truly, America is lost. To think that only a few networks will post him and what happened shows the danger that we have come too. But as he said, he is getting the information out there.

Pray for Rudy. Pray for our country. And Pray, that our President remains, himself.

Never giving up the fight.

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Nobody Flashes

Rudy is on Fire! Nobody tells the story of Joe Biden as well as Rudy, and look at the snob Kennedy…Looking down her nose at a great mayor, a man whose gone to more police and firemen funerals from 9/11 than any other person on the planet.

She’s almost unbearable.

And once again, Trump rallies are filled with people who love him, and Joe Biden just lies.

How in the WORLD can they say that the race is close is beyond comprehension.

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Nobody’s Fool: The Great, Rudy Giuliani: Speech of the Year!

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Giuliani: An American Hero

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Is Joe Biden really senile? Or is it just a ploy to play dumb?

Nobody Knows. But gee…we are all talking about a virus that can kill instead of a Big-Time criminal that is running for President. Can’t remember any candidate for President every having the proven track of corruption as big as Joe.

Shoeless Joe? Where is your brain?

Timing is everything.

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Giuliani is Going to War

Nobody Flashes 

This SHOULD be on all the cable news networks, so therefore, of course it’s not. Instead we are hearing wall to wall slander against the President.

Anyway, we are finding out just how state controlled the media is.

And by the way: Could Hollywood PLEASE stop making all the actors puke in everything they write. The last three movies I watched everyone was puking violently.

Really, somebody should start talking about this. It’s almost abuse.

Anyway, back to this video. It’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it:

Nobody presents….


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Nobody’s Fool: Rudy Giuliani

Nobody’s Fool

This speech by Rudy Giuliani was the best speech given against Obama that I have ever heard. It will be remembered as one lone wolf crying call, American’s Winston Churchill at Fulton moment.

Everybody should watch this.

It was ONE of the greatest speeches by an American.

Congratulations Rudy, you win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the year, for telling it like it is.



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