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Nobody Remembers the History of the Ukraine–So Here It Is.

Nobody Remembers

Are you like many westerners and you don’t REALLY understand the Ukraine? Not high on your priority list of “I need to learn more geography.” New Year’s resolutions?

Me neither.

That’s why I posted this guy—and I wish he was my brother. I would never miss Thanksgiving dinner with the family ever again.

Enjoy! And learn.

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Nobody’s Fool: Woman in Ukraine

Nobody’s Fool

Just last week, Justice Scalia reminded Americans that if they thought that America would never see the day, when our own government would gather people up and put them in FEMA camps–that day would never come. We should think again…it could happen.

The very fact that Obama is staffing every government department with bullets should make us think, what are THEY expecting?

This women, who has no name, has spoken the best way she can…to tell the world, this is about freedom.

So, she wins the Nobody’s Fool award…because there, but for the grace of god, go we.

Think it couldn’t happen here? A Supreme Court Justice, begs to differ, and so do I.

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