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Another Great Thing About the Trump Election

Nobody Wonders

While Disney stuck to not making fun of President Trump with his speech, in their attraction of the Hall of the Presidents where they just presented President Trump: there is no doubt…I have to agree with the end of this video:

It does look like they already had Hillary’s head made, and then had to try to change it.

The giveaway? The skinny lips, the round face, the arched eyebrows ABOVE the eyebrows, and the cross eyes. Donald Trump said before the election, that when Hillary cancelled her firework show in New York, he knew he had a chance. So, just imagine how many OTHER projects were cancelled because Trump won?

No WONDER we have so many angry people.

Still, President Trump’s voice alone, will be what the kids will remember.

Hillary, will be forgotten…at least in the minds of small children in Disney World.

And that’s a VERY good thing.


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Nobody’s Fool: Jerome Corsi

Nobody’s Fool

I’m a big fan of Jerome Corsi.

If you don’t know who he is, he works for Alex Jones now, and is always right on the money.

If you have never heard of him, give him a listen. Here he explains WHY the democrats are so upset about Net Neutrality being put in the dustbin of history.


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