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Another Great Thing About the Trump Election

Nobody Wonders

While Disney stuck to not making fun of President Trump with his speech, in their attraction of the Hall of the Presidents where they just presented President Trump: there is no doubt…I have to agree with the end of this video:

It does look like they already had Hillary’s head made, and then had to try to change it.

The giveaway? The skinny lips, the round face, the arched eyebrows ABOVE the eyebrows, and the cross eyes. Donald Trump said before the election, that when Hillary cancelled her firework show in New York, he knew he had a chance. So, just imagine how many OTHER projects were cancelled because Trump won?

No WONDER we have so many angry people.

Still, President Trump’s voice alone, will be what the kids will remember.

Hillary, will be forgotten…at least in the minds of small children in Disney World.

And that’s a VERY good thing.


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Obama’s OTHER Speech at Fantasy Land

Nobody Wonders—

How the Mainstream media missed this speech?
My fellow Cartoon Characters;

My children never thought, that on this day in history, I would actually, not only go on Space Mountain with them, I would also sing Al Green’s “I’m so in Love with You” to the Fairy Godmother, cause let’s face it…she looks like my mother-in-law

Now..I know..I know what you’re thinking: President Obama…you can’t sing..well…

Yes I can.

Uh…I’ll do that later at the party. Today, I want you all to know, that I, as your President, I believe, that we CAN have Fantasy Land. All we have to do is be willing to sacrifice. Everybody needs to scarifice if we are going to make this Magic Kingdom magic again. I’ve got my top advisers..Dopey (Joe Biden), Doc (Leon Panetta) and Grumpy (Timothy Geithner) working on it. 

So..Donald, (Chris Dodd) no more swimming at Typhoon Lagoon. The EPA is complaining about it. And Goofy…(George Soros)  you’ve got to share your electrical car with Cruella Deville. (Nancy Pelosi) I know..I know, it’s not fair. But I’m going to need another four years to straighten this out… might take longer….so help me out here.

Mr. Pooh (Barney Frank) ..I want you to stop eating honey.  Now…now, Michelle is going to teach you how to plant cauliflower…I know, I know, it’s going to hurt, but I’m not asking you to do anything more than I would ask of Mickey. (me)

And you know, Mickey is the key. Without Mickey Mouse, none of you people would even HAVE a job. Mickey takes after me. Big ears…and a true leader. Why, Even Minnie loves it when he sings.

Now. I know the Magic Kingdom needs some repair. That’s why, I’m going to put in a new stimulus to fix Space Mountain. After all, I got rid of NASA , so the kids are going to need to keep on dreaming of becoming astronauts, even though it’s a fantasy, hey…it’s a good one!

Remember, I’m inviting the world here to see you, which means, you’re all going to have to work a little harder.

Snow White is not going to get any more lunch breaks. She can’t be hanging out with Cinderella in the Castle. She can have apples, but I want her to keep on working. Remember, we must all sacrifice.

And if any of you see any fat kids, I want you to hide them. Guide them to cave of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and let them ride it all day…because we want those new foreigners to know that America is a fantasy land of lots of healthy people. After all, we want them all to spend their money on the soda’s and hot dogs in the park, and if they see all the fat American kids, they won’t eat here.

 My plan is for millions of Chinese to come HERE to buy those Mickey Mouse hats that they themselves, so proudly make in their own home towns.

Now, I know, you’ve been worrying about your jobs. You’ve heard rumors. Rumors that this once Magic Kingdom is falling apart. And I know, you all need to eat. Eating food stamps is getting old. That’s why I have new plans to not only extend those food stamps, but codiments from now on, will be free. As will your health care. Buzz Lightyear will no longer have to keep that space helmet on. He’ll be able to afford a breathilizer.

And I know— some of the rides are a little scary. Our infrastucture is getting old. That’s okay. We can handle it. We are Cartoon Characters, and that’s why I’m here to help you all change.

 Change and be all that you can be…and that includes you Bambi. Simba will help you work on your self-esteem, and make you the better deer. After all, he was an African King, and you are just a doe in the woods. But pay attention…he knows a few things.

I will try to save The Tower of Terror. It’s actually my favorite ride, so despite what you’ve heard, it’s not true— The Tower will be here as long as Michelle and I can come whenever we want to the park and ride it for free.

I promise you.

Okay, so I’m not as handsome as Prince Charming (everyone laughs) but, I promise, as your President, that if you all work hard and sacrifice your time and your efforts——


Next year, I promise…I will come back. And I will make this Magic Kingdom the envy of the world, if you just give me Florida.

Okay, so we’ve all got work to do. I want to give a special thanks to Pluto, for taking such good care of Bo. Thank you Pluto! Next year, I’ll send Air Force Two to come and bring YOU to the White House..because you’ve done such a fine job.

So, let’s go Cartoon Characters! Let’s make this Magic Kingdom into the best tourist attraction in the world! Tourism USED to be our number one export, last year, garbage took that honor over. But…with your help, we can make it number one again by bringing in as many tourists as we can! And then we’ll have two number one exports: Garbage and Tourism. (And BS!)

We can do it! (Big smile)


 Uh…Arial…where’s my ice cream?

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Obama…the New King of Mickey Mouse

Nobody Cares

Obama is going to be on TV Thursday, standing in front of the Castle at Disneyworld, in order to give a speech to help poor old Disney World out, because Disney World used to be the prime vacation spot for all Americans. Once a year, the American family would load up and drive to California, or Orlando, and go to Disneyland to spent a week having fun with the kids.

Well gee--- since Obama has been in office, nobody can afford the gas anymore. Not only that...but since Obama is having everyone searched at the airports, people don't even want to fly.

The vacation money is going for food. There is no middle class to fill the great Epcot restaurants. Vacations now are to your local city zoo for many people, and even that's getting too expensive.

Disney is hurting. And since Disney is mostly 'service' jobs, our President is saying he is going to help.  He is going to give a speech right on the steps of that great Disney Castle for the good of America: Gather round all you lower wage teenagers and Hispanics! I'm going to help you! Come! Come to America and join in our Disney American Dream!

Has this ever been done before?  When was the last time a President of the United States shut down a Disney park just to make a campaign speech?

On the set of Pollyanna?

Is Disney putting money into Obama’s campaign coffers for this?

Here’s the report:

Tourism officials hope and expect his announcement to have something to do with tourism Visas — specifically tourists from Brazil, China and India.Right now, tourists from those countries have to go through an elaborate Visa process to get in the United States.

Ahh…….maybe they just don’t want to be ‘searched’ at the airports. Why they just walk over our southern border like everybody else?

And how many of those just visiting, will not go home? Maybe they’ll just stay and get a job driving the buses to the parks, serving taco’s to Snow White, or loading people onto the rides at “It’s a Small, Small World.”

If Obama can just get MORE people into the country from Brazil, China and India, they will come and spend money, at Disney world, and that would create thousands of very low paying jobs for the unemployed illegal’s that are already here. Our economy is so bad, the illegal’s are not even coming anymore.

To the elites: this is a disaster.

That’s the official line. The real business is Obama, Michelle and the kids want to sneak in another vacation.

Obama could have given this speech from the Oval office, but then again, I’m sure he wanted a day with Michelle and the kids in the Magic Kingdom, so, it’s nice to be King, and be able to shut down the Magic Kingdom to enjoy just for the day. I wouldn’t doubt if they get Typhoon Lagoon all to themselves too. All the poor sops that had tickets for that day..will just have to go someplace else.

Tell me…the way the Obama’s are seeing the world at our expense, you have to wonder by their actions if they really don’t believe they will be back, and are trying to cram in as much sightseeing on our dime as they possibly can.

You can bet Michelle and Obama will be in Rio for the summer Olympics. Tell me, what haven’t they seen? Africa…China…India,..Hawaii,…Rome, Paris, London…We USED to have ambassadors to do our work. Since when does the President have to go everywhere himself?

What famous monuments will the taxpayers of nations have to shut down next for our American Royals? The Louvre? The Vatican? Havana? Statue of liberty? The Leaning Tower of Pisa? Mecca?

Do you have any IDEA how much it’s going to cost to shut down Disney’s Magic Kingdom for one day? How much security it’s going to take just for him to get INTO the park? How many secret service men are going to have to look through every single trashcan? Not to mention, how many of his friends are we paying for?

Whatever. He’s the king. The rest of us can only dream of going on vacation.

Someday, in the Hall of Presidents there will be Obama..standing next to Lincoln, and Lincoln..will be retired to just sitting down, while Obama’s robot will talk for ten minutes and  be the end and highlight of the show. It will be a speech where the great Obama will talk about “giving service ” and how we all need to sacrifice for the future of  mankind.

You can bet your next trip to Disney on it.  Obama is “sacrificing” his great talents to shut down Disney just to help the poor of Brazil and China be able to come to Disneyland..just like him.

Nobody has ever seen, such an arrogant man.

I hope Donald gives him a good quack.

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