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Nobody’s Perfect: Fat Lesbians VS Fruit Flies

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have the Federal study of why lesbians are fatter than gay men VS The Federal study of why the male fruit flies are more attracted to younger female fruit flies, as opposed to the older fruit flies.scientists

I think we should, as American citizens, keep an eye on these Federal studies, don’t you?

Let’s start with the first study: Why are most lesbians FAT? Our government wanted to know:

A federal study to determine why 75 percent of lesbian women are obese and gay men are not has totaled nearly $3 million.

They have determined that gay and bisexual males had a “greater desire for toned muscles” than straight men, lesbians have lower “athletic self-esteem” that may lead  to higher rates of obesity, and that lesbians are more likely to see themselves at a healthy weight even though they are not, the Free Beacon reported. Their research also found that LGBT individuals exercise less than heterosexuals, and that sexual minorities are 46 to 76 percent less likely to be on an athletic team.

So, WHY is this important? Isn’t it obvious? “Sexual minorities are 76 percent less likely to be on an athletic team!” And we just saw proof of this, didn’t we? Obama wants more gays to watch on his sports channel. (Hey, it’s the best I could come up with.) After all, didn’t he call Michael Sam on the phone and congratulate him for being the first gay in football?Michael Sams

How’s that working out?

Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL, was cut by the Rams on Saturday and passed over by all 31 other teams on waivers on Sunday, and so far he hasn’t even been able to land a spot on a practice squad. So are NFL teams avoiding Sam because he’s gay?

I’m sure Obama and Eric Holder are on this, seemingly discrimination, have no fear. The study is still, imperfect.

And then there’s the OTHER Fed study, about fruit fly sex: Fruit Flies

There was a $939,771 experiment funded by the National Institutes of Health in Michigan and Texas that tested fruit flies to discover that male fruit flies are more attracted to younger female fruit flies than older ones. According to researchers, a hormone that female fruit flies produce wanes over time, which makes male fruit flies less attracted to them despite researchers’ countless efforts to test this theory even in the dark. The scary news is that this testing may soon be expanded beyond just fruit flies

This could be serious. If it costs $939,771 dollars to test the male fruit fly, how much more is to going to cost to test the Monkey? The Lion? The Panda? AL GORE?!

Why the government had to spend over $3 million dollars to figure out why gay men want tight buns, and gay women could care less what they look like, is beyond any of us. Even a female fruit fly could have given you the answer to that without wasting taxpayers’ money.Fat lesbian

And if you are embarrassed by a President who can’t seem to get his act together on any single day, then you, like me, are also embarrassed that someone HAD to spend millions to find out that male fruit flies prefer younger women fruit flies, when your grandmother could have told you that men of all species prefer younger women for sex.

Why did this complete waste of good taxpayers money happen?

No doubt, the fruit fly research is being run by fat lesbians and confused transvestite who really want to know if they will be safe from men when they are past 50.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it the Federal employees who got paid millions to study fat lesbians?

Or the Federal employees who studied the male fruit fly’s libidos?

(My personal favorite was when Obama gave President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood 20 F-16 Jet fighters and $1.7 billion dollars, but that’s me.)

No, the biggest waste of Taxpayer’s money is the President himself.Obama golf two

From Glenn Beck:

How much did we pay our royal family? How much did it take to maintain our royal family, the Obamas, just last year? Now, this is really interesting, especially as we come up for another vacation for the Obamas. This one is going to cost us $4 million. This vacation in Hawaii for Christmas is going to cost you $4 million. How much did we spend last year? Remember, the royal family cost $57.8 million. Would you be stunned if I told you it was $50 million? Would you be ‑‑ would you be bowled over if it was $100 million? How much do we spend? The total last year, a little higher than $57.8 million.”

So what was it? $60 million? No. $100 million? Nope. $250 million? Not even close.

The answer: $1.4 billion…and that was just for one year: 2012. By now, that has gone up to at LEAST 3 billion, add in the golf trips, the daily campaigning flights to parties in various states.. I’d say a good E20 billion. That’s a guess mind you, but by all estimates, they leave out food, clothes, friends, kids vacations, Michelle’s vacations..and let’s not forget they are NOT reporting the cost of Michelle’s mother.

Yes, Obama wins hands down, as having wasted more of the taxpayer’s money than any President in history.

Sorry fat Lesbos’s. Sorry Fruit fly. You lose.

Next study: How to make fat lesbian fruit flies skinny.

Or..even better: A Federal Study on how to get rid of dictators.

That’s a study that all Americans could benefit from.

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Nobody Knows: Gay Marriage, EU Robbery, Obama’s Vacatons, North Korea

Nobody Knowsgay marriage

Gay Marriage:—If the Supreme Court will make same-sex marriage a constitutional right, which would go against the Constitution. Since the beginning, it’s been up to the states to determine such matters, not the Federal Government. And, since the people of California voted on Proposition 8, it should not be overturned.

At another point Chief Justice John Roberts asked Olson whether those seeking to strike down Proposition 8 were interested only in the label “marriage,” since the state of California already grants same-sex couples almost all the legal protections and rights provided to heterosexual married couples.

What the elites want is to force churches to marry gay couples. And since the top GOP minions like Karl Rove, are now supporting it, don’t be shocked if gay marriage becomes the law of the land. But, Nobody Really Knows what’s going to happen. It’s not that gays shouldn’t marry, it that the issues should be up to the voters in the states.

The Great EU Bank Robbery: Wow…the EU thought taking money from people’s bank accounts was so easy, they decided it’s a faster and better way to steal money. Why tax when you can just reach in the cookie jar and take it all? Cyrus just wasn’t enough. Eu bank robbery

Savings accounts in Spain, Italy and other European countries will be raided if needed to preserve Europe’s single currency by propping up failing banks, a senior euro zone official has announced.

So…where ARE the rich, or the little guy for that matter… going to go to hide their money from the elites? Nobody Knows.

Obama Vacations:  In the first three months of the year, members of the first family have been on three vacations, averaging a vacation a month. And now it’s being reported that the first daughters are on a spring break vacation in the Bahamas.Obama vacation vacation








Gee…MOST parents would never dream of sending their kids off to a hotspot vacation without mom or dad along. But it seems, the taxpayers are the nannies on this one. The above statement is false: Obama had a vacation in Israel and Jordan where he took days off to see the sights, his life is one continual vacation day after another, with a few speeches in-between. Nobody Knows where they are going next: Disneyland?

North Korea: Nobody KnowsIf the reason Obama is sending all those thousands of tanks to California is because North Korea is threatening to nuke us every single day.

North Korea has elevated its artillery and strategic missile forces to “combat-ready posture” and said it is prepared to strike targets in South Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii and the continental US.

Nobody Remembers the famous speech where President George W. Bush pointed out our three enemies: Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, before everyone told him that was a mean thing to say.North Korea

In the newly released movie Olympus, ( I just saw it today) North Korea takes over the White House and captures the President with such stealth and expertise, it made our military look lame….and just ONE man saves everybody. Something that would not happen in real life.

I kept thinking that the North Koreans would LOVE this movie, since they can’t even make a decent video as good as a ten-year-old American.  Leave it to American Movie producers to make them look good.

I don’t remember any President of the United States ever putting up with such a punk as Kim Jung Um, but then, that was before half our big companies were making most of their money in China.

Does that mean we will have to listen to this punk forever?

Nobody Knows, but with Obama as President, anything could happen.Kris no 17

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Obama…the New King of Mickey Mouse

Nobody Cares

Obama is going to be on TV Thursday, standing in front of the Castle at Disneyworld, in order to give a speech to help poor old Disney World out, because Disney World used to be the prime vacation spot for all Americans. Once a year, the American family would load up and drive to California, or Orlando, and go to Disneyland to spent a week having fun with the kids.

Well gee--- since Obama has been in office, nobody can afford the gas anymore. Not only that...but since Obama is having everyone searched at the airports, people don't even want to fly.

The vacation money is going for food. There is no middle class to fill the great Epcot restaurants. Vacations now are to your local city zoo for many people, and even that's getting too expensive.

Disney is hurting. And since Disney is mostly 'service' jobs, our President is saying he is going to help.  He is going to give a speech right on the steps of that great Disney Castle for the good of America: Gather round all you lower wage teenagers and Hispanics! I'm going to help you! Come! Come to America and join in our Disney American Dream!

Has this ever been done before?  When was the last time a President of the United States shut down a Disney park just to make a campaign speech?

On the set of Pollyanna?

Is Disney putting money into Obama’s campaign coffers for this?

Here’s the report:

Tourism officials hope and expect his announcement to have something to do with tourism Visas — specifically tourists from Brazil, China and India.Right now, tourists from those countries have to go through an elaborate Visa process to get in the United States.

Ahh…….maybe they just don’t want to be ‘searched’ at the airports. Why they just walk over our southern border like everybody else?

And how many of those just visiting, will not go home? Maybe they’ll just stay and get a job driving the buses to the parks, serving taco’s to Snow White, or loading people onto the rides at “It’s a Small, Small World.”

If Obama can just get MORE people into the country from Brazil, China and India, they will come and spend money, at Disney world, and that would create thousands of very low paying jobs for the unemployed illegal’s that are already here. Our economy is so bad, the illegal’s are not even coming anymore.

To the elites: this is a disaster.

That’s the official line. The real business is Obama, Michelle and the kids want to sneak in another vacation.

Obama could have given this speech from the Oval office, but then again, I’m sure he wanted a day with Michelle and the kids in the Magic Kingdom, so, it’s nice to be King, and be able to shut down the Magic Kingdom to enjoy just for the day. I wouldn’t doubt if they get Typhoon Lagoon all to themselves too. All the poor sops that had tickets for that day..will just have to go someplace else.

Tell me…the way the Obama’s are seeing the world at our expense, you have to wonder by their actions if they really don’t believe they will be back, and are trying to cram in as much sightseeing on our dime as they possibly can.

You can bet Michelle and Obama will be in Rio for the summer Olympics. Tell me, what haven’t they seen? Africa…China…India,..Hawaii,…Rome, Paris, London…We USED to have ambassadors to do our work. Since when does the President have to go everywhere himself?

What famous monuments will the taxpayers of nations have to shut down next for our American Royals? The Louvre? The Vatican? Havana? Statue of liberty? The Leaning Tower of Pisa? Mecca?

Do you have any IDEA how much it’s going to cost to shut down Disney’s Magic Kingdom for one day? How much security it’s going to take just for him to get INTO the park? How many secret service men are going to have to look through every single trashcan? Not to mention, how many of his friends are we paying for?

Whatever. He’s the king. The rest of us can only dream of going on vacation.

Someday, in the Hall of Presidents there will be Obama..standing next to Lincoln, and Lincoln..will be retired to just sitting down, while Obama’s robot will talk for ten minutes and  be the end and highlight of the show. It will be a speech where the great Obama will talk about “giving service ” and how we all need to sacrifice for the future of  mankind.

You can bet your next trip to Disney on it.  Obama is “sacrificing” his great talents to shut down Disney just to help the poor of Brazil and China be able to come to Disneyland..just like him.

Nobody has ever seen, such an arrogant man.

I hope Donald gives him a good quack.

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