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Prosuming the American Picker

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Have you ever watched America Pickers? Pawn Shop Wars? Do you think all these programs popping up are just demanded by people because they are so poor, or are they “social engineering” classes? Nobody Wonders….

I have a wonderful friend named Missy, whose family used to be the typical middle class, and she is a great American Picker. Missy is an American woman in the style of Sarah Palin…don’t mess with her, or you’ll liable to find yourself up a tree.  She’s feisty, intelligent, loyal, honest, compassionate, and very patriotic.

Her son used to own his own fitness center. Her husband, Mark, used to work for the Post Office. Missy and Mark used to live in New York, but they moved to North Carolina because the New York property taxes were just too much to bear.

Like millions of baby boomers all over America, they are struggling. Mark lost his pension that was promised, and they get a little from Social Security. Mark is good at being a handyman so they spent their lives buying homes, fixing them up, and then sellng them for a profit. They worked hard for their dream, and succeeded many times over.

You know where I’m going with this.

They have downsized to a smaller house, and their son, who lost his business and can’t find a job, is living in a trailer in the back. He just finally got food stamps after a year. Not only that, he is in sore need of major medical attention. He can’t get any medical. He needs dental. He can’t get that either. He’s over 30 and it’s rough. Missy has told me she sees many people moving trailers onto properties, and many people living in one house.

Nobody Wonders how Obama misses this stuff?

Her son has the usual divorce problems, and he is ordered to pay child support… but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t find a job. He went to a job fair and there were thousands applying. The jobs are just not there. And yet, he is still expected to pay child support. He hardly ever sees his daughter and it’s tearing him up inside.

It’s the same in every city of America.

These are the kind of tough Americans the country was built on. Mark can fix, any car, build any house, fix any problem. Missy can cook fantastic meals from scratch, make her own jellies, skin and cook a deer— tell you how to store onions and eggs in sand. Whenever I have a medical problem I go to her first. Her knowledge of just about every single subject on disease is almost unmatched.

Yes, Missy has a very high IQ. She has saved me over my own doctor too many times to count.

But money is tight. And so, the family goes every Sunday and sets up their booth at the local community “fair.” They trade, they sell, they barter— whatever they can. Missy’s son goes almost every day, selling off stuff that he can find, make or barter.  

This is HOW the family makes money: Flea markets.

It was so touching last week, when Missy told me about how Mark found some pajama’s she liked for $2.50 cents at some booth, so he bought her three. It’s a strong marriage. It’s a good team.

Mark and Missy were once middle class. Those days are now…gone. We are not only the food stamp nation, we are the flea market, dollar store, pawn shop, and Criagslist..give it your best shot…country.

Now…Obama and Mitt are going to talk on and on about the “middle” class, but we will have no middle class: most of our jobs are “service.”  If you listened to Obama say today we were on the path to recovery, remember: We owe $16 trillion.

The country is NEVER going to be the same. They just don’t want you to know that, because it’s an election year.

Missy and Mark get by, selling what little they have left, and I must admit, I’m looking around my house wondering..old comic books, old family deeds, heirlooms, old coins, drum sets (oh no!) …but, my house is mostly books. I bought books for knowledge, no collector items. So, really…not worth much. Luckily, my house is paid for. And common sense tells me, I’ll probably live here till I die.

And that’s okay.

But, this is what bothers me. Now that the middle class has been downsized, and we are all feeling the pain, you can look at most of the millions anywhere on the planet and see people barely exiting.  So, the very powerful see this: and see no problem with “downsizing” the people who live in United States to ‘Upsize” the rest of the world. The UN wants a universal purchase tax put on all rich countries to feed the rest of the world. They were going to use global warming to do this, but that’s not working out too well.

And that brings me to Alvin.

Alvin Toffler ( author of Future Shock),  predicted that in the future, we would all become prosumers. We would work at something we loved and would not get paid. He said we would become a nation of barterers and money would become extinct. Alvin said capitalism would become extinct.

He said this many years if he WISHED it would happen. Now, if you have read me at all, this isn’t the first time I have talked about Alvin And Heidi Toffler.

As I watch American Pickers on TV, I can’t help but think that the popularity of this program is because of our dire economic situation. Obama can say all he wants…

The facts are there: The US deficit will never be repaid, not in our lifetime. The jobs and money will run out…and bartering will be, as Alvin predicted, the only way to eat for many.

Alvin also predicted corporations would do this too:

Many corporations are now moving to a form of internal corporate money so that their subsidiaries can do off the books trades that do not require either taxation or foreign exchange transactions.  Barter exists among government-to-government trades, or big company-to-big company trades, where the controversy about internal pricing may be too high to translate into pricing

And that’s what bothers me…Alvin Toffler and his wife are social engineers. They think capitalism is outdated, as is America. They spent their life living in China. They have been advisers to all the leaders of the world.

Alvin Toffler wants YOU to be a prosumer, which in the American vocabulary means: slave.

Nobody says Alvin Toffler should meet my friend Missy. She’d pick him so bad, he would never heal. We must fight to save capitalism, and put the Toffler’s of the world back in the dark ages where they seem to want everyone else to be…or someday, there will be nothing left to pick.

When you find a “social engineer” who writes books for years predicting the future, Nobody seems to want to ask: Could he predict the future? Or…did Alvin Toffler help shape it?

Nobody Knows, but Nobody’s Opinion on the matter is very strong.


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Social Engineering: The REAL, Evil Future of Shock

Nobody’s Opinion

It was poignant moment: I had finally found the old box of baseball cards that my son wanted to have, lying in a forgotten spot in my office. I drove them over to his house to surprise him. He took out each card with great hope in his eyes, fingering each one with great reverence.

“Here’s Nolan Ryan-— that should get something. Hey, some guy on T.V. had a card that he got $100,000 for!” he said.

As a parent, I wanted to say, “Don’t get your hopes up.” but, I didn’t.

Like many of us, he is looking for stuff to barter, to sell …whatever… to make a few extra bucks to pay the bills. It’s too sad. He has a job as a personal trainer…but nowadays, that’s a luxury.  And so just like Alvin Toffler predicted so many decades ago, we are seeing the “trading ” bug happening all around. People are trading, not in cash, but in “stuff.”  

Also Sadly, Alvin predicted long ago that in the future, once great societies would go back to bartering, and trading…sort of a Mad Max world in the suburbs. We now have lots of cable TV programs to teach us how to do it, and even get excited about it.  

“Oh boy, I just sold this beat-up electric oil sign for $200! I made $50 dollars!”

Like the Democrats blaming the Republicans, Alvin blames the changes in society on technology. Don’t believe it. It’s not your computer that’s telling you how to think.

Toffler is not being talked about much anymore.  Alvin (big union lover) was the great FUTURE SHOCK (his best-selling book) predictor, in which he predicted the changes now coming to us all.

This Nobody has trouble believing one man can predict the world decades ahead, unless of course, you’re George Orwell or H.G. Wells and hang out with the people who rule the world. (which they did) We are looking more like 1984 every day. Orwell was no psychic. He just belonged to the men’s club who wanted to put 1984 in place.

And that’s exactly what Alvin has always done. He has known every leader in the world—not only that, they have paid him dearly to advise them on how to socially engineer their people. He is a favorite of the Chinese. In fact, he lives there.

In 1996, with Tom Johnson, an American business consultant, they co-founded Toffler Associates, an advisory firm designed to implement many of the ideas the Toffler’s have written on. The firm worked with businesses, NGOs, and governments in the U.S., South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Australia and other countries..

And running for President is one of his biggest fans, Newt Gingrich.

When we see Alvin’s predictions coming true (move over Nostradamus) Nobody insists in my usual a primo way, that Alvin is no more a predictor than the eight ball on your desk.  Alvin is a social engineer.  Not only has he known what was being discussed and put into motion for decades, he has helped it along.  From Wikipedia:

While social engineering can be carried out by any organization, whether large or small, public or private, the most comprehensive (and often the most effective) campaigns of social engineering are those initiated by powerful central government.

Examples: To replace the old social frameworks of Tsarist Russia with a new Soviet Culture , the Soviets used newspapers, books, film, mass relocation, and even architectural design tactics to serve as “social condenser” and change personal values and private relationships. Similar examples are the Chinese “Great Leap Forward” and “Cultural Revolution” program and the Khmer Rouge’s plan of de-urbanization of Cambodia. In Singapore the government’s housing policies attempt to promote a mix of all races within each subsidized housing district in order to foster social cohesion and national loyalty while providing citizens with affordable housing.  

And there’s the problem I am having. Americans, YOU are being socially engineered with every single program you watch on TV, and all the movies you are renting. Most of the established magazines are telling you how to think, and even your churches are getting on board.  

Who else is sick to death of this but me? Anyone? Goebbels would be proud.


On my lap right now, I have a July 2011, issue of Newsweek. Nobody Remembers when news magazines just REPORTED the news.  Now, they are social engineering propaganda machines.

On the cover of this issue, to hook those conservative Americans who NEED to be programmed…is a giant picture of General Petraeus. He has a look on his face like he wants to give you a BIG hug. He is like the gentle kind man who will never hurt you.

WTF? Is all I can say. When you realize he is now head of the CIA, you know why they want you to think of him as…just an old softie. We’ve seen what they did to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann on the covers of Time.  

All this stuff is on purpose. They are socially engineering you. Programming you. It’s not just politics as usual folks. It’s the stuff of hard-core mind manipulation.

 Inside, Paul Begala writes that he misses the Republican liberal Bob Dole.  We have an article called “Why Gay Marriage is good for America.” in which the gay author say the Declaration of Independence gave him the right to pursue happiness.  (Right, and it also gave us the right to shit on police cars.)

We see an interview with the White House Cook for Obama who is from Ethiopia.

 “Who Need Humans?” is a rant of the wonders of robotic librarians. 

The  middle contains a whole section–tearing Rupert Murdoch limb to limb.

My personal favorite was, “How to Raise a Global Kid” in which it reports that all the smart rich elite people are raising their kids in China so that they will be able to speak Chinese.  The family was SO proud.

They can stay there and learn communism too for all I care.  


 For the past decade, here in America, all our movies have had some black man in the leading role. He is the chief of police, he is the general, the President (as in 24 the most popular conservative TV getting us ready) Blacks are 17 percent of the population according to the Census so they are overrepresented in everything. 

In our movies, the women can beat up 165 guys at once, even kill them,  all the while she is in high heels. They RUN in high heels and catch villains twice their size. 

Just last week I watched the new movie, “The Swan” with Natalie Portman. I really don’t think I’m the only one who gets upset when masturbation and gay sex is shown onscreen, and this movie was filled with it. Natalie never falls in love in the movie, where she plays a ballerina. In the end she kills herself. And I couldn’t have felt less sorry for her. But that’s me. Millions who watched it, and watched her puck all over the screen, were feeling her pain, who knows how many future suicides she will inspire?

(Oh, and she pukes ALOT. All the puking on screens is getting us ready for something. )

The movie by artistic standards was in the fine tradition  of Hitchcock,  but it still leaves the viewer feeling..empty.  Even the Harry Potter series turned into dark and foreboding themes. Not something to fill our kids with optimism is there? Was she getting the little buggers ready?

Think about it: Harry Potter has no mum and dad…just his friends and his school. Dumbledore his role model, is gay.

And in Machete; you can riot your way to justice.


In our sitcoms, our main characters are speaking Spanish phrases. Even Rush Limbaugh throws it in. Not that anyone dislikes the Spanish, but shouldn’t they learn English?

On Fox News tonight, Nobody was watching a Fox news reporter relentlessly attack Presidential candidate Rick Santorin for NOT believing that gays have as much right in the military as straights. Whatever you think of the issue, Chris Wallace argued with a passion against Rick, pushing his opinion..again and again, under the guise of the objective news reporter.

All the “news” reporters do it now.  

I have gay friends. My cousin has two gay sons that we all adore, but even I am getting tired of the relentless programming being forced into us every single day, on the news, and in our movies and schools.  Gays are such a small part of our society (less than 1 percent) the attention they are given is almost maniacal.  

(Gays adopt. They can’t reproduce. They don’t want more people on the planet. Simple.)


Like Singapore, our neighborhoods are flushed with so many different nationalities, the schools are spending millions trying to keep up with language teachers.  And what is worse, they do NOT assimilate. They stick to their groups. It’s what has always happened, as Europe is finding out.  

It’s mother nature boys..we like our own species so to speak, no matter what species you are.

Remember a while back when New York baseball player lamented that he couldn’t understand anyone in New York anymore? He was right, and he got creamed in the papers, and fined by MLB. 

Social engineering: We don’t want you to get too fat, too rich, or too smart.  Take your pill. Don’t be mean. Wall Street did it to you, not Obama. Men are worthless, die and make room for the youngsters. Give money to the poor. Forever. The rich world must give to the poor nations. And Islam is a peaceful and wonderful religion, which has given the world great things. We need the illegal’s. The revolutions you are seeing everywhere are democratic! Rejoice!

Scary stuff. It’s Halloween every day here. And our world is changing rapidly, but it’s not Steve Jobs Apple I- Phone that is destroying our freedoms.

It’s the social engineers like Alvin Toffler.

Alvin foresaw a future that would dislocate the social and psychological balance by Western society if this rate of change continued without a corresponding program of adaptation by Western society and its psyche. He surveyed the impressive array of industrial and technological change that has taken place in the last 300 years and spoke of it as a fire storm of change, affecting institutions, values and even roots.(right, gays would have IPHONES!)  He laments this racing rate of change that makes reality seem sometimes like a kaleidoscope run wild. It is not only the content of culture change from old to new that dazzles, but especially its scale, scope and pace. This accelerated pace of change whereby so many revolutionary changes occur within so short a time has brought about a culture of transience and flux, in which nothing is permanent except perhaps impermanence itself.

Alvin is saying the West has been free for so long, they are not going to like communism, and when they wake up and find themselves in it one day, they will go into shock. He’s right. He just tells you that he is a genius and he knew this would happen because he can see the future. It will happen…naturally, he says.

Bull. There is nothing ‘natural’ about it.

You know, Alvin isn’t the only one who can foresee the future. Nobody Thinks that if we do not start talking about the social engineering crap that is being forced upon us, we will all wake up one day, very shocked and soon to be dead rats floating in the evil scientific social engineering  bowl of  Alvin Toffler.  

Think of that next time you have to sell your dad’s old baseball cards to pay the rent.

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