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Nobody Knows Much About Aaron Alexis

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows:—–why  we had another crazy man attack and kill people on another one of our military bases. You can tell by the look on his face that Aaron Alexis was full of hatred and not playing with a full deck.  It’s just another mental breakdown shooting out red flags to everyone they meet, and nobody pays any attention to them.  Frankly, even if you did report it, (as the police did) nobody is listening:Aaron Alexis

  On August 7, police in Newport, Rhode Island, investigating a harassment complaint at a Marriott hotel encountered Alexis. He told them that an individual “had sent three people to follow him and to talk, keep him awake and send vibrations into his body,” according to a police report. These individuals, Alexis police, had followed him to three hotels in the area — including talking to him through walls and the floor and using “some sort of machine” to send vibrations through the ceiling that prevented him from falling asleep. Police subsequently notified officials at a Navy base in Newport, the police report stated. Officials at Naval Station Newport referred CNN to the FBI on Tuesday when asked about the incident, and the FBI subsequently had no comment on the August police report. A former SEAL says just running Alexis’ fingerprints would have turned up his arrest record.

So…unless you believe that he was a Manchurian candidate, being brainwashed by the CIA to go into the complex and steal state secrets, (And some x-CIA experts will tell you these programs do exist so I do not always count the conspiracy out) you have to accept the fact that Alexis was just another mental health bomb waiting to go off.

Reports are coming in that he felt “discriminated against.”

As a country, we are going to see more of this. As with Columbine, the Colorado theater shooting, Sandy Hook— most of these whacko’s were on some sort of drug.

As a former suffer of depressions, I can tell you the power of drugs are NEVER well monitored, Every time I was given some drug to ‘ease’ my emotional pain, I ended up pitching them all down the toilet. While a violent thought to harm others never entered my brain, I have talked to many a man who has had thoughts of violent crimes while depressed. I often thought the line between men and women in many states of depression was simply testosterone, and culture.

The astute Charles Krauthammer noted tonight on Bill O’Reilly, the voices Alexis were hearing were common signs of schizophrenia.  These people are everywhere now, since we no longer have the mental hospitals to take care of them.

What is even more alarming than the fact that some man went on a killing spree, is the very scary fact that he managed to get past all that military security. It seems the “sequester” has cost lives, according to this:

It is my understanding that the IG report indicates the Navy may have implemented an unproven system in order to cut costs,” Turner said. “I also learned that potentially numerous felons may have been able to gain restricted access to several military installations across the country due to insufficient background checks, increasing the risk to our military personnel and civilian employees.”

And so, the conclusion—our government goes to no expense to build a giant surveillance system to log and record every single word made by the whole planet, but what GOOD is it? They obviously aren’t using it. Nobody Knows if it’s mainly for the entranced party to monitor Tea Party people, and sex partners.Frank Kohler

This could have been much worse. . Nobody says it, but Aaron Alexis could well have been a terrorist with a more sinister devise than a shotgun.

The NSA can go back, and gather his cell phone calls, but will that bring back any of the people who lost their lives?

Nobody Knows if Alexis was given a pass simply because of the color of his skin, but we do know we will never find out.

After all…the race of all the victims, is not being talked about. Where they all white? And if so, was Aaron’s killing mostly racist?

Nobody Knows.   

NOBODY UPDATES: Apparently, Alexis killed two black people….one in the back while he was running away. The other was a woman. So, Jesse Jackson will probably stay out of this one.

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Nobodys…It’s Constitution Day!

Nobody Flashes

Happy Constitution Day!


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