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Obama’s Red Line Got Lost in Translation

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Well, as the saying goes— “This is another fine mess you got us into!”  Obama drew a red line, daring Assad to go over it, sounding like the narcissistic bully that he is, and the world has called him on it. But, he didn’t really mean it you see, because he uses threats all the time. It’s how he got where he is: The art of the Jesse Jackson shakedown, might work in America, but, it doesn’t play too well in the world, because other world dictators are much better at that game.

And Obama has got the dictator bug.  He now calls the military “MY’ military.  The American hating Muslims, unlike your usual politically correct white liberal here in America, are not impressed, with a man blowing smoke and awe, and then going to play a round of golf.

Who can take him seriously?

Nobody Thinks–it IS depressing when Obama has the top GOP Senators on his side. The Laurel and Hardy twins, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, are right there pushing us into another war.  That’s them below–(-Go ahead, enjoy them while you can. )

The lack-witted pleading of John Kerry, was on all the Sunday morning talk shows, today, and I don’t know who’s more pathetic: Obama, who wants to launch bombs with ‘HIS’ military because it’s just sends a thrill up his leg, or John Kerry, who is loving every chance he can get to get in front of a camera. (Does anyone besides me think Kerry must have been a mama’s boy?)Kerry syria

Kerry kept saying to anyone who would listen today—how ‘courageous” Obama was.

Really? Uh…what did I miss? Did Obama actually pass up looking at himself in the mirror yesterday? No…Obama was courageous because he stopped his usual dictatorial moment, and said, “HEY…I’m going to let Congress talk about this for while. just to show everyone that I’m a good guy.”

Yes, Kerry was impressed. It takes courage to face Congress. Especially when they are out of town, and you are on the golf course.

According to all polls, 80 percent of the American people are against getting involved in Syria. So—they will ‘sell’ us on it, like they are ‘selling’ us on Obamacare! A vast blitz of propaganda will be coming in the next week. Nancy Pelosi will go from the poor children who are dying from not receiving health care in California, to the poor kids being gassed in Damascus. Get ready to see over and over again the same old pictures of people foaming at the mouth.

But–Nobody Wonders: What good is Congress if Obama can still do what the heck he wants?

I don’t know how many times I heard that on TV today. Obama has the right, if he sees fit, to attack any country at any time, and we’d better not forget it! It’s a matter of ‘national security” which means that Assad can gas…Chicago I guess.Obama dictator Frankly, I wish they’d be more specific.

John McCain, made the case on Jay Leno:  Obama is embarrassing us, because he won’t go bomb the shit out of Syria— Why…one day is all John would need!  Obama just wants to throw a few missiles into the desert, which will not do anything to Assad. Wow.  The whole Middle East is laughing at him, including Putin, and Iran, and Assad’s eleven-year-old son, and no doubt the pigs in the field, the fish in the sea, and Matt Damon. But does Obama care? Nope. He stated this:

“The Chairman [of the Joint Chiefs] has indicated to me that our capacity to execute this mission is not time-sensitive; it will be effective tomorrow, or next week, or one month from now.  And I’m prepared to give that order,” Obama said, suggesting the one week delay or more until Congress meets will make no difference.

And that’s all you need to know about Obama. HE has a red line, and it’s ‘time sensitive’. And HE can kill us all whenever he feels like it. HE is prepared to…destroy whatever is in his path to his own happy life, and we’d better all let him get back to it, and do what he demands.

Nobody Thinks Obama has been giving America one red line after another since he has been in office. Somebody needs to take that red line of his and shove it back down where it belongs…back into the Constitution. Or else we should demand our own impeachment line of no return.  Navel officer

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Nobody LIKES Russian Commercials!

Nobody Gets Email

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty tired of commercials. I especially HATE how they have all the commercials timed at the same time, so that even if you change the channel to get away from them, you only go to another channel and get…a commercial! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The other day, we were watching old TV reruns on Netflix, a program called Kojack—and the hour-long program seemed like two to me. And then I realized…the commercial breaks were much shorter back in the 70’s. Now, you might get 30 minutes of program, and 30 minutes of advertising. The radio has gotten just as bad.

But, I don’t think I would ever get tired of these two Russian commercials. Really–how in the world did they make two cars do that on ice? I know, there are probably lots of editing going on, but really. It’s a car love story. I just love it when people are clever.

And the last one…is just plain fun. It’s a tampon commercial. And actually, brilliant.

(Thanks to JR.)


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