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1932: Tuskegee, 2014: Obamacare

Nobody Remembers

The vote to defund Obamacare will happen in the House tomorrow, and tonight as I was watching the beginning of the Bill O’Reilly Show, he was trying to convince the “tea party’ lady  that what they wanted to do was impossible, so therefore, they shouldn’t do it.defund Obamacare

I will rant on O’Reilly  tomorrow because this is my Nobody Remembers some history day, but needless to say, Obamacare will become, in its final form, not only a jobs killer, but a smiley face genocide. Due to the fact that they will end up rationing care, I believe it’s the democrats way of a “final solution” to the impossible costs of Medicaid and Medicare…it will simply cull the herd. As one man so wisely put it, they will kill two birds with one stone: Get rid of most conservatives, who are mostly older, and that will leave them the young as democrats forever.

The fact is: democrats don’t care about life. Obamacare will be forcing millions to fund abortions, no matter what their religious beliefs, and that’s proof right there.

Nobody Remembers what the democrats did once before—- The democrats ran the Tuskegee Experiments for 40 years. It was stared under FDR.

What was the Tuskegee experiment?

This summary from YOU SAID WHAT?

Tuskegee, Alabama, 1932-1972

“You’re just suffering from bad blood and we can treat that if you sign up for the program. We’ll give you free medicine, insurance, transport to and from our medical center, and even a hot meal with each visit. We’re here to help you. “ Nurse Eunice Evers (Miss Evers)—see picture. Eunice Rivers

The men enrolled in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study were not told that they were given syphilis, nor were they given the treatment. It was conducted at a medical facility near Tuskegee, Alabama, where four hundred poor, mostly illiterate and borderline indigent African American sharecroppers were recruited for a short term study on the treatment history of syphilis. The study was spearheaded by Dr. Taliaferro Clark, whose idea was to observe untreated syphilis in a group of black men for a period of six to eight months and the follow up with a treatment phase.

The study recruited four hundred syphilitic black men and two hundred healthy black men as controls. The foundation that was suppose to fund the treatment phase of the study backed out due to a change in its financial status, so they just continued it without the treatment phase even after penicillin was widely adopted in the late 1940’s. The subjects were never told they could pass their ‘bad blood’ to their wife and children. They got free meals and treatment was withheld so as not to make any of the symptoms of the disease that was allowed free rein over its hosts bodies, be cured.Tuskennee

Even the ones that joined the military, (over 250) were refused treatment, (refused penicillin) and they did not realize that the educated men were killing them.

(Yes, democrats were knowingly killing black men.)

In 1972, a public health official reported it to the Washington Star. By that time, only 74 were still alive. 26 of the men had died directly of syphilis, while 100 more were dead from syphilis related complications. Forty of the wives came down with syphilis, and 19 of their children. A mine million dollars were given to the remaining and free health care.

It was all done for the ‘public good.’

The experiments started when FDR and the Democrats took control of the Federal Government. Let’s say that again: Tuskegee started in 1932 once the Democrats took Congress and FDR and the Democrats took the White House.

We just found out about the NSA. But by the time we find out the horrors and death sentences from Obama care, it will be too late.obama care

And Bill O’Reilly says it’s impossible to stop.

Watch us.

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Nobody’s Fool: Alan Keys

Nobody’s Fool

Alan Keys is a remarkable speaker, and intellectual giant,  but he was vilified by the godless progressives long ago when he ran for President. Alan thinks he has a easy way to get rid of all the ‘elitest’.

His answer is pretty short, and would work, if the right people would kick them all out.

So, Alan Keys wins my Nobody’s Fool award for the week. We need to see more of Alan Keys, not less.


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