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The Founders Try to Teach Bill Maher About REAL Neanderthals

Nobody’s Opinion:

I was watching Book TV the other day, and caught a bit of Benjamin Wiker, who had written a book, called Worshipping the State. How Liberalism Became Our State Religion.  Amazingly enough, Dr. Wiker explained the history of how progressive liberals have overtaken Western government in about ten minutes, and it started back in 1860’s. He explained that in the beginning of our country, one couldn’t get a graduate degree. You had to go to Europe to finish your graduate degree so most everyone back then went to Germany to get further education, and so, they graduated and brought the German liberal and very GODLESS point of view back to our universities, and voila! Liberal schools burped out future liberal Presidents to fill our democratic parties.

He went on: To a progressive the state must replace God, therefore, the only way that can happen is to get rid of Christianity. And any other religion that attacks Christianity is accepted by them, and that’s why they protect Islam over Christianity. They both have a common enemy. With Christianity came morals, and therefore the Ten Commandments have to go out the door. No adultery? They can’t stand it.  Liberals  want to have a much sex, as much money, as much success, as much power that they possible can, and those pesky Ten Commandments just get in the way. He explained that the liberals made a religion out of “liberalism.” They demand abortions: they demand free sex: the rules of the state must rule all… and now they are demanding to stay in power while being allowed to grope as many woman as they can possible get their wieners on.

Bill Maher is the poster boy of wiener watchers.

And since the progressives feel so superior–they just bypass  God’s commandments, and make up their own. They exempt themselves from any law that the rest of the Neanderthals down below them have to obey. According to Joe Biden, that’s what conservatives are: Neanderthals.

After seeing this very nasty rant by Bill Maher’s…this misanthropic Neanderthal (According to Joe Biden, who would know)  was so dumbfounded by his audacity to rewrite history, I decided to let our founders answer his very imaginative twist of history:…..

Bill the Gay Hobbit (My husband name for him)

“The tea baggers must call out that group of elitist liberals whose values are so antithetical to theirs, I’m talking of course about the founding fathers.”Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson says upon hearing this:

I believe that justice is instinct and innate., that the moral sense is so much a part of our constitution as that of felling, seeing, or hearing. The last of the faithful stand against tyranny, which in their right that God gave them: Evidently sir you did not read my words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, and they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights: that among these are life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness.”  It is their right to pursue justice, as it is your right to pursue all those ugly prostitutes, that you hang around. I stand with them.

Bill the toe sucker:

“The founding fathers would have hated your guts, (he talking to the Tea Party People) and what’s more, you would have hated them, they studied science read Plato, hung out in Paris, and thought the Bible was Bull shit.”

George Washington, turns to John Adams and said,

“I hate deception, even where the imagination only is concerned.”George Washington

Bill the marble-palace lapper-face Dog King says that John Adams said:

“this would be the best of all possible world if there were no religion in it.”

John Adams, sticks it to him:John Adams

“Suppose a nation in some distant Region should take the Bible for their only law Book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited! Every member would be obliged in conscience, to temperance, frugality, and industry; to justice, kindness, and charity towards his fellow-men; and to piety, love, and reverence toward Almighty God … What a Eutopia, what a Paradise would this region be.”
Diary and Autobiography of John Adams, Vol. III, p. 9.

Bill the bog ignorant bob-squirt says:

“Political power must stay in the hands of the smartest people and out of the hands of the dumbest loudmouth slowing down the checkout line at Home Depot.”

John Adams turns to Jefferson. and says:

The fundamental article of my political creed is that despotism, or unlimited sovereignty or absolute power, is the same in a majority of a popular assembly, an aristocratic council, an oligarchical unto and a single emperor.”

I see the tea party people…and I am proud. And this Nobody says  “So THAT’s why they prefer to keep the masses stupid and stoned.”

Bill Lackanookie says:

James Madison was fluent in Greek and Latin.

Nobody says: Yes Bill, that’s because once upon a time, you either learned Greek and Latin or you didn’t pass your exams at Harvard. ALSO…Harvard was a religious school. Everyman had to take religion. And to prove that lack of religion has bred a busload of elite rulers that couldn’t even run a McDonald’s restaurant. let alone Congress. We see here below, that Senator Harry Reid thinks the Tea Party people are anarchists.

Poor Harry. Didn’t read his George Washington. Skipped over his Constitution. Thinks that government is good. Maybe we should let James Madison remind him…

James Madison says;James Madison

The essence of government is power: and Power, lodged in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.

Harry and Bill are proof, that our founders were right. These bullies are actually scared of the newly resurrected Tea Party Neanderthals.

Booga Booga!!  Boooga Booga!

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Obama Admits: He Has No Style.

Nobody Can Believe it!

On a Sunday talk show with George Stephanopoulos, ‘President’ Obama explained his complete failure with foreign policy as being a success. Amazingly he said his critics wanted to see “style.” So what if he looked like the biggest idiot and loser in the world, and his Secretary of Defense looked even more ridiculous. If the American people want ‘style’ …well, he’s not a movie star. He got it done.

This from the man whose ONLY claim to fame is his smooth and debonair style.

Obama said he was “less concerned about style points” and “much more concerned about getting the policy right.”

Oh…the policy must be right, but what if it doesn’t work? Which most everyone says…it won’t.

He didn’t get the policy right…Putin did. And to make matters worse, he didn’t get anything right…the ball is in Assad and Putin’s court.

But look at the Obama politician in action. Amazingly he went on in the interview, to bash and blame the tea party people for American’s failures. He can only hope that they come to their senses.

Obama likes to say that the “threat of force” got this result from Putin. In one respect…he’s right.

The American people used the threat of force on HIM! (And the Brits.) And Putin. He had to cave…and then, go on TV and lie about how he was in control all along.


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And Now, A Word From Our Sponcer…

Dear God,

it’s been a while since I’ve written you…but as you often do, you visited me this morning while I was lying in the water, looking up through the leaves of my favorite tree. The sun was hitting just a clump of leaves on the branch above my head, and the beauty of it was so emotional, I found myself overwhelmingly thankful just to be alive, at that very moment. To have eyes to see the glory of the yellow light shining through the green leaves against the clearest of blue skies. To breath in the freshest of air. I just cannot believe that anybody on the planet cannot see, all around them…you. To me, you are as real as the oxygen in the air, and it’s beyond my comprehension that so many people don’t see…or feel…your presence. It’s as if…they were born blind.

Because I do. And I have ever since I was a child….so, as I see from this great masterpiece called the Hubble, you are very busy…birthing stars, destroying planets, moving energy, spiraling galaxies, and then there’s us.Hubble six

What to do with us? The earth is much like the rest of the universe:  there are stars being born, (astronomers, inventors) galaxies (countries) colliding and destroying each other, stars and plants rotating around central suns, (families) and dark matter (love) holding it all together.

Because with all the terrible things happening in the world, surely we would have blown ourselves up without SOMETHING holding us all together. Some people would say it’s fear. Or love.

I think it’s you. Take a bow, God, Keeping earth together has NOT been easy.

Did you hear me complaining out loud this morning? I know, it’s the same old stuff that many of us complain about.  One planet and all these nutty people…you would think, they would look up in the sky once in a while and go.

“Oh…we’re not so important.”Hubble two

And I’m tired. It seems the more I understand, the more depressing it gets. I don’t know who said “Ignorance is bliss” but I bet he’s a distant cousin of mine.

The people running the planet are like black holes: Putin, Obama, Hillary, Assad, Saudi, Ried, Pelosi, the Fed, China, North Korea,, Iran…and the breaking up of thousands of years of human traditions, sucking the life and hope out of the people of the earth. It’s like, nobody can escape them.

How can you do that God? All the same rules abide throughout the universe. Humans need oxygen to breathe and freedom to advance. Maybe some of that dark energy is getting in the water.

Mmmmm…Michelle is telling us to drink water now. She likes playing God. As if…we don’t drink water.

You see? Okay. So I’m crazy. Blame yourself. hubble one

So, while I have your attention, a few requests are in order: Help all the people out there who are living paycheck to paycheck, make it to another paycheck. (ahem)

Whoever is starting all those god awful fires out West….well…some instant karma would be nice. Go ahead. Hit them upside the head with a smoke bomb.

Try to give the winning Powerball number to someone who deserve it. ( I consider myself worthy…just so you know.)

Help my 14-year old dog, KoKo, live another healthy year.Hubble three

And hey…it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a miracle. How about sending a Moses from the people of America, to lead the world back from the abyss of despair, and America into recovery?

Compared to all the billions of other stuff you have going on..I know…it’s pretty small, but humans are pretty special, don’t you think? We COULD be one of your finest creations if you just give us a chance.

You know, I saw Justin Beiber tonight dancing as a Tufu Square on Saturday Night Live. Did you catch that? You should have. Humans do have a good side to them. They do the strangest things.

Like write God letters knowing that the NSA will be looking at this someday, and put it in my medical record that I’m nuts. It’s Okay. That’s a small price to pay just to get to talk to you.

But…just in case…a very small comet could destroy that whole NSA building God. Just a small one. After hours…you know…don’t hurt anyone.

You know I love you God.  And one of the reason is:   YOU made all those people who made the Hubble telescope!Hubble four

(Okay..people…that’s your cue. IF you like stars and wonder like I do about the universe, give this video a watch. It’s really very good.)

Thanks to Ant…because God made him send this video to me as I was just sitting here wondering what in the WORLD I was going to write about.

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