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And Now, A Word From Our Sponcer…

Dear God,

it’s been a while since I’ve written you…but as you often do, you visited me this morning while I was lying in the water, looking up through the leaves of my favorite tree. The sun was hitting just a clump of leaves on the branch above my head, and the beauty of it was so emotional, I found myself overwhelmingly thankful just to be alive, at that very moment. To have eyes to see the glory of the yellow light shining through the green leaves against the clearest of blue skies. To breath in the freshest of air. I just cannot believe that anybody on the planet cannot see, all around them…you. To me, you are as real as the oxygen in the air, and it’s beyond my comprehension that so many people don’t see…or feel…your presence. It’s as if…they were born blind.

Because I do. And I have ever since I was a child….so, as I see from this great masterpiece called the Hubble, you are very busy…birthing stars, destroying planets, moving energy, spiraling galaxies, and then there’s us.Hubble six

What to do with us? The earth is much like the rest of the universe:  there are stars being born, (astronomers, inventors) galaxies (countries) colliding and destroying each other, stars and plants rotating around central suns, (families) and dark matter (love) holding it all together.

Because with all the terrible things happening in the world, surely we would have blown ourselves up without SOMETHING holding us all together. Some people would say it’s fear. Or love.

I think it’s you. Take a bow, God, Keeping earth together has NOT been easy.

Did you hear me complaining out loud this morning? I know, it’s the same old stuff that many of us complain about.  One planet and all these nutty people…you would think, they would look up in the sky once in a while and go.

“Oh…we’re not so important.”Hubble two

And I’m tired. It seems the more I understand, the more depressing it gets. I don’t know who said “Ignorance is bliss” but I bet he’s a distant cousin of mine.

The people running the planet are like black holes: Putin, Obama, Hillary, Assad, Saudi, Ried, Pelosi, the Fed, China, North Korea,, Iran…and the breaking up of thousands of years of human traditions, sucking the life and hope out of the people of the earth. It’s like, nobody can escape them.

How can you do that God? All the same rules abide throughout the universe. Humans need oxygen to breathe and freedom to advance. Maybe some of that dark energy is getting in the water.

Mmmmm…Michelle is telling us to drink water now. She likes playing God. As if…we don’t drink water.

You see? Okay. So I’m crazy. Blame yourself. hubble one

So, while I have your attention, a few requests are in order: Help all the people out there who are living paycheck to paycheck, make it to another paycheck. (ahem)

Whoever is starting all those god awful fires out West….well…some instant karma would be nice. Go ahead. Hit them upside the head with a smoke bomb.

Try to give the winning Powerball number to someone who deserve it. ( I consider myself worthy…just so you know.)

Help my 14-year old dog, KoKo, live another healthy year.Hubble three

And hey…it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a miracle. How about sending a Moses from the people of America, to lead the world back from the abyss of despair, and America into recovery?

Compared to all the billions of other stuff you have going on..I know…it’s pretty small, but humans are pretty special, don’t you think? We COULD be one of your finest creations if you just give us a chance.

You know, I saw Justin Beiber tonight dancing as a Tufu Square on Saturday Night Live. Did you catch that? You should have. Humans do have a good side to them. They do the strangest things.

Like write God letters knowing that the NSA will be looking at this someday, and put it in my medical record that I’m nuts. It’s Okay. That’s a small price to pay just to get to talk to you.

But…just in case…a very small comet could destroy that whole NSA building God. Just a small one. After hours…you know…don’t hurt anyone.

You know I love you God.  And one of the reason is:   YOU made all those people who made the Hubble telescope!Hubble four

(Okay..people…that’s your cue. IF you like stars and wonder like I do about the universe, give this video a watch. It’s really very good.)

Thanks to Ant…because God made him send this video to me as I was just sitting here wondering what in the WORLD I was going to write about.

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