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Obama Admits: He Has No Style.

Nobody Can Believe it!

On a Sunday talk show with George Stephanopoulos, ‘President’ Obama explained his complete failure with foreign policy as being a success. Amazingly he said his critics wanted to see “style.” So what if he looked like the biggest idiot and loser in the world, and his Secretary of Defense looked even more ridiculous. If the American people want ‘style’ …well, he’s not a movie star. He got it done.

This from the man whose ONLY claim to fame is his smooth and debonair style.

Obama said he was “less concerned about style points” and “much more concerned about getting the policy right.”

Oh…the policy must be right, but what if it doesn’t work? Which most everyone says…it won’t.

He didn’t get the policy right…Putin did. And to make matters worse, he didn’t get anything right…the ball is in Assad and Putin’s court.

But look at the Obama politician in action. Amazingly he went on in the interview, to bash and blame the tea party people for American’s failures. He can only hope that they come to their senses.

Obama likes to say that the “threat of force” got this result from Putin. In one respect…he’s right.

The American people used the threat of force on HIM! (And the Brits.) And Putin. He had to cave…and then, go on TV and lie about how he was in control all along.


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