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Did Bill Say Hillary Needs “Reverse Plastic Surgery?” Or is it just another one of his many lies?

Nobody’s Opinion:

Bill Clinton was interviews by his former adviser George Stephanopoulos yesterday on his show.. I was counting lies:

LIE 1— Wow. Listen to this double-talk. Bill Clinton says “YOU voted to spend this money.” This is a BIG lie. He is talking about the Republicans…but not one Republican voted for Obamacare. It was the Democratic Senate, that passed it in the middle of the night, and nobody had even read it. (They just wanted you to think they didn’t know what was in it.) Then he goes on of course to complain about the way our Congress works. Clinton and Obama want the executive branch to have more power. Of course other nations don’t have to go through this. Only our Constitution protects the minority votes, because we are a Republic, NOT a democracy.

We do not have majority rules. But that’s what the democrats keep telling the American people that we do have. And so many don’t know the difference.

LIE 2: —When Bill Clinton was negotiating with Congress, he was riding on a wave of economic fortunes, due to the dotcom companies, and the fact that the Congress FORCED Bill to reform welfare. He put up a fight three times, but when he thought he wasn’t going to be reelected, he caved in and negotiated. (Later he claimed it was his idea)  Obama got rid of the “welfare to work” programs. Clinton went to the middle. And here he rewrites history and acts like it was the Republicans that were begging HIM. That’s a really big whopper. For the first time in over 50 years, we had a complete Republican Congress. He was outnumbered.

LIE 3: —Bill says the Republicans are going to take food off the table of children and give big money to the big agricultural farms. Gee…Obama gave all the big corporations wavers to Obamacare, but the little guy will have to pay big taxes, and work fewer hours, and lose his job, and have less money to feed his kids with, with Obamacare.

It’s a typical Democratic argument they use as much as the race card, and it’s a lie. Obamacare will kill the whole economy, it already is doing so.

Lie 4:— The Tea party wants to dictate to the Senate and the President what they can do. Rand Paul addressed this big lie today: Notice how cleverly Bill does this. He knows the house represents the people. And that’s why our founders gave us three branches of government as checks and balances. If anyone is the dictator here, it’s Obama. As Paul said, it’s his way or the highway. Obama has refused to negotiate.  In America, it’s the people who should rule —–NOT the President. If we don’t like a law, we should get rid of it. It’s our RIGHT. But Bill, has got his game on. Notice how his eyes get really big. Because he’s an actor. Big lie. Big eyes. Really dramatic.

Lie 5: Ted Cruz’s filibuster was all lies. The reality is, Ted Cruz was telling the truth, and it’s the “I didn’t have sex with that woman..Lewinsky” that you should recall here. Bill Clinton is one of the biggest liars in history. Now we have Obama. Remember, Bill lies. A lot. Under oath. Everywhere he goes. He’s the master at it. More Republican should bring this up.

Lie 6: Oh…this is a very BIG lie. The tea party wants to change the way the Constitution works, and alter the future of our country. It’s Bill Clinton and Obama, and Obamacare which will take us into tyranny. The tea party lives for the Constitution. Bill and Obama are ‘progressives” which is a nice word for tyrants.

Now…this next clip is more fun: Clinton sort of loses it here. When asks about Hillary’s loss to Obama in the last Presidential election, he is basically saying that Hilary needs “reverse plastic surgery” and she lost because she didn’t present her true self, and it was her first campaign. If you watch this more than once, you get the feeling (As I did when she ran last time) that deep down inside, Bill really doesn’t believe she can do it. Any of it. Who know who they both sleep with at night, but one thing we do know–it’s not with each other.

And that’s ANOTHER big lie.

If you happen to see Bill Clinton at any time, anywhere…take my advice: run for you life.

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