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John Beohner Calls Cruz a “Jackass”, Jeb called Trump an “A–hole.” But…WHOSE Being Called Too Bombastic?

Nobody CaresBeohner and Cruz

This afternoon, I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh program, and was glad to hear that Rush at least is coming around to the fact that the elites in the Republican Party really don’t like their ‘base.’ And who represents the ‘base’ better than anybody else?

Ted Cruz! In fact, the leaders of the party are certain that they will be able to get rid of Donald Trump, by blasting him with full guns daily. Ted Cruz on the other hand, is IN the Senate, and he has been like a bad strain of poison ivy on their arrogant political butts. They are not quite sure how to get rid of him, because Ted is relentless in his attacks on the elites that rule:

House Speaker John Boehner fired a stunning blast at Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, reportedly calling him a “jackass” during a Colorado fundraiser.

The Daily Caller, citing two people who attended the Steamboat Springs event for GOP Rep. Scott Tipton, reports Boehner glibly remarked that he liked that Cruz’s presidential campaign keeps “that jackass” out of Washington — and from telling the Speaker how to do his job.

The great “Speaker”…you know the one that is upset that he can’t play more golf with Obama? That one. But to be fair, like the other big elite in the party, calling patriotic American names seems to be all they can muster…remember Jeb Bush called Donald Trump:

— a “buffoon,” a “clown” and, yes, an “a- -hole.

So far, Donald biggest line has been “stupid, and clueless.”

Pick your words, but why does Donald get blamed for being ‘bombastic’ and John and Jeb don’t? Because they control the media.

For instance: They have a new tool they tried to use to blast Trump. They made up a fake “Poll” of about 150 people, and ask them all to say just ONE word to describe every candidate. They started out with Hillary and said “liar” just to throw you off. Then they went to Trump: “arrogant” and the rest I won’t even mention that’s how bad they were…

What was the worst that the “people” (that’s supposedly you and me folks) said about Bush? His last name was…Bush. Ahhhhhhh…poor guy. Boehner playing gold

This little propaganda tool used to trash Trump was all over the media the last few days…replacing the REAL news in the world. Pretty sad I’d say when they have to resort to BS polls to try to get the people to hate Trump.

But, back to Ted Cruz. Trump knows business, Cruz knows the Congress and the law. They are both stanch fighters.

Let’s hope Ted Cruz gets on the ticket with Trump.  I wouldn’t mind seeing John Boehner cry just one more time……


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