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Ted Cruz…Keeps the Flame of Hope Alive

Nobody Flashes

Isn’t it nice to know that this man, is standing up for all of us?

I could watch this every day, in fact, I think I will.

Ted Cruz…makes Mr. New Jersey look like just another crooked politician. I actually heard Chris Christie today, pull out the old, “My child ask me today…’Daddy did you do it?’

“‘No son.”

As if…voters are suppose to believe that he would never lie to his own son.

The unions just ran a democrat in republican clothing. I’m sorry. Chris Christie looks like some guy from the Sopranos. He TALKS like a guy from the Sopranos.

Ted Cruz, talks like a patriot.

And the way things are going…Ted Cruz might be the next Noah.



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Deception: It’s all in the GRIN…

Nobody CaresObama and Japn Shinzo Abe

Obama flashed his big winning smile for the pope today. And you have to wonder…who was using who? Obama and Pope

The Pope wants to redistribute wealth the poor of the world, (Obama can do that) and Obama wants the pope to SAY that message to those rich white people in America who he will tax to do it. So he brought the pope some seeds from the White House, and the Pope gave him a book.

So, since it’s Friday, let’s take a look at Obama’s famous “I can dazzle them with my personality!”  big grin, that he flashes on cue. Right now he is talking to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and…that big famous smile…is not there. But here’s more of that famous grin…which let’s face it, isn’t working anymore. Nobody Wonders: How much are we paying his dentist?

Obama and David CameronObama and Francois Hollande




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