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Presidents Can Now Declare War…wo Congress.

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Obama just gave up our internet control to the world…and here in this video, we witness that according to Obama, he doesn’t need Congress’s permission to send troops anywhere. He believes that if HE, as President thinks we need to go to war, he has a right to send troops.

This is of course a blatant disregard of the Constitution.

It gives any President full power to do whatever he wants. Watch…and be amazed. This video didn’t get much attention, but what would be keeping us from going into WWIII if Obama decides he wants to show the world he’s really as tough as Putin?

He would just do it. Our Congressmen are wimps.

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Snopercod Soars!

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snopercod and plane

Here’s our reader snopercod!! (I like to call¬† him supercod!) ….Standing in Alaska, where he managed to soar above Sarah Palin and the glaziers and have too much fun! Thanks to snopercod for sending this picture to share.:)

And just for fun, here’s another way to get up into the air, although, you need strong legs. (Thanks to JR)


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