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The REAL Conspiracy: Why Hillary Did Not Tell Us About Obama

Nobody Knows

Michael Shrimpton is a Specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, also an expert in Strategic Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. He is also a professor of Intelligence Studies with the Department of National Security, and Intelligence and Space Studies. He teaches at the Master level in American Military University.

Not exactly a conspiracy nut.

I have always believed that Obama was not vetted out, but Nobody Knows why? Since it seems that Giuliani, and the Clintons, and who the heck else knew, that Obama was not qualified to be President? WHY did none of these people think enough of the country to tell us? To expose him as the fraud he is?

Even Hillary, who would have benefitted the most? Why?

To me, the fact that a lot of people knew and yet, said nothing, is just as troubling as the fact that Obama is in office and destroying the country.

THAT is the real conspiracy.

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It’s Starting…In Connecticut

Nobody Reports

They just passed a law In Connecticut that all gun owners must register their guns or face felony charges. This is how it starts, and here is one man who stood up.

Bravo to John Cinque. He will not be the last.

People supporting guns

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