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Nobody’s Fool: William Binney

Nobody’s Fool

Every American should take 12 minutes out of their day and watch this video. William Binney is a true hero in my Nobodys’ Opinion…he is trying to warn the public that every single email they send is being filed away illegally, so that our government can have the ammunition to call you on some crime they think you have committed. While you might think that since you are a law-abiding citizen, and have no need to worry, let me remind you, IF you have said anything against our government, or voiced strong patriotism for America, you are a terrorist according to the Obama Administration.

They are especially fearful of veterans, who they fear might just side with citizens one day and kick them all out.

William Binney is trying to take this unlawful and disgusting practice to the Supreme Court, and by law, they should shut it down. BUT, as we saw with Obamacare which was unconstitutional, that doesn’t mean they will. The Supreme Court now works for the elites agenda, not the people OR the Constitution.

And to all you dweebs at the NSA who are reading this…May Obama someday do unto your children, as you have done unto us.”

In fact, that’s the ONLY good news coming out of all this.

Remember in your emails to give em all hell.

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Nobody Flashes About Digital Control….

Nobody Flashes

Here’s an interesting point of fact that will give us all some thought. The shooter Mr. Holmes, we were told, bought much of his ammunition online. And YET–

He has NO digital footprint. And neither does a staffer that worked for Obama for 8 years…who died.

Makes Nobody Wonder. Circumstancial evidence concludes, the Obama administration had Google erase it.


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