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Nobody Flashes: The Censorship Begins.

Nobody Flashes

UNLESS our President breaks up the monopoly of YouTube, this basically will happen to all conservative writer and video blogs.

FACEBOOK too. Google, as we have found out, is almost fanatically crazy with left-wing bootstrap rules.

Matt Drudge talked about this last year, how a Supreme Court judge told him they would be coming after him.

This is…actually scarier than Kim Jung Ugly.

Without our voices being heard, the struggle will be even harder, and unless we all start complaining about it, and loudly, and with our pocketbooks, it will go on.


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Nobody’s Perfect: Google

Nobody’s Perfect

Well, well…well. Who would have thought that the high and mighty Google executives, who claim to be the next superior enlightened species on the planet, here to rule and mold the world, would actually go after their own employees for daring to have an opinion other than their own.

No free speech or free thought are allowed Google employee. Mr. Google employee: BEWARE.

While we are told to idolized these geniuses of multinational tech companies like Google and Facebook, the reality is they truly act like dictators, fascists, and tyrants.

You either tote the SJW line, or you will be fired, and the good news? Some of the tech guys are coming out and telling their story to Breitbart:

Over the weekend, Google was rocked by the publication of an internal manifesto that alleged wide-ranging political bias within the company. In exclusive interviews with Breitbart News, more Google employees are now speaking out.

The 10-page manifesto, which was met by an immediate backlash, described a climate of fear at the company, in which employees who challenged prevailing leftist narratives on diversity were faced with immediate threats to their career.

Several managers have openly admitted to keeping blacklists of the employees in question, and preventing them from seeking work at other companies. There have been numerous cases in which social justice activists coordinated attempts to sabotage other employees’ performance reviews for expressing a different opinion. These have been raised to the Senior VP level, with no action taken whatsoever.

Numerous individuals alleged to be members of Google’s management team have been caught bragging about forming blacklists to impact the careers of colleagues with different political beliefs.

Yes, they are making “enemy” lists. The world must be EQUAL. All women and minorities must be EQUAL, no matter if you, white man, can earn them millions more with your work and expertise, it doesn’t matter.

Say anything conservative, and you WILL be sent down to the dungeons of John Galt’s basement.

Which by the way, might be the best thing that happens to these kids.

They ARE…becoming…hold your breath…REAL MEN! Ha ha.

Sorry Google. I hate to say it. Change the meaning of fascism all you want, but you are becoming the poster boy for it.

Those conservative guys you fire… they WILL find jobs, and one of them just might invent the next search engine to get rid of your monopoly.

But hey! You’ll still have China.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Google VS British Airways

Nobody’s Perfect

 This week, we wander into the skies of “oops” and “sorry” didn’t mean to do that….maybe this flying machine is not safe after all…

 We have Google VS British Airlines 

 First, lets’ explore Google. It seems one of their LOON ‘balloons’ fell on some ladies house. In fact, she didn’t even know it, until the cops knocked on her door. And nobody knew what the heck it was. Surely, it was a weather balloon, at least that’s what they all thought

What’s a loon balloon? It’s Google’s answer to hooking up rich executives to their I Phones when they escape to their newly built multi-million dollar survival shelters that are being built for them when the Zombie apocalypse hits the streets. What? Is this the Zuckerface wants every single person on the planet to be able to Google Facebook or what? Okay, so Zuckerberg is not Google, but come on. All these guys work together. Or….maybe Google is doing this because they are not so sure that the electrical grids are going to hold up…after nuclear warfare or EMP events. Or maybe they feel so upset in their very big liberal hearts that the little boy in the Congo can’t get enough friends and likes on his FACEBOOK page that they are sparing no expense to build a web in the sky. Who knows?

On the other hand, we witnessed last week, that nasty fire on a British Airway plane that just blew up on the runway in Las Vegas:

Turns out the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned both Boeing and General Electric, the 777’s engine-maker, about a flaw in the plane’s engine design that could result in the very catastrophe that took place last week at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

What’s worse is that the safety warning was issued over four years ago. The FAA warned that cracks could form in the engine’s high-pressure compressor spool causing “uncontained engine failure and damage to the airplane.” In other words, the FAA knew that the engine’s turbines could fail under stress, causing an explosion and a shower of debris big enough to set the rest of the plane on fire.plane fire


So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

As much as I want to make fun of Zuckerface, or the guys at Google. If they want to throw balloons in the air, and they have the money, and those balloons don’t mess up traffic in the sky, I don’t think a few balloons falling on the ground is going to be a big deal, as long as they don’t fall and start a fire. Of course, if that happened we won’t hear about it.

That leaves British Airways, who seems to put the blame on Boeing and General Electric. Companies who has made it possible for China to actually put some missile of their own on that airport in Las Vegas.

A British Airways spokesman said: “The safety of our customers and crew is always our priority, and we are looking after those who were on board the BA2276 from Las Vegas to London Gatwick following an incident on Tuesday September 8, 2015″.

Yes, British Airways wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week. Nobody was killed, and only 14 people were hurt due to the fact that once again, the pilot had enough sense NOT to take off.  But still, if I lived in London and wanted to book a flight to Las Vegas…I think I would GOOGLE some stats first on the safest plane to take.

But that’s just me.



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Eric Schmidt: Still Creepy…

Nobody Flashes

Ha! Here’s a good laugh on a Monday afternoon…Eric Schmidt

The ‘creepy’ Google guy, Eric Schmidt, thinks that Amazon should not be allowed to use drones to deliver packages. This from a guy who will BAN your conservative writings against democrats on his Google website. He said THIS in Fortune magazine, and I quote:

 “How would you feel,” Google (GOOG) chairman Eric Schmidt asked in the Guardian last April, “if your neighbor went over and bought a commercial observation drone that they can launch from their back yard. It just flies over your house all day. How would you feel about it?”

To which I grabbed THIS quote from Philip Elmer Dewitt:

How would I feel about a drone that could snoop on me? Probably the same way I’d feel about a company that monitored all my online activities — the e-mail I send and receive, the websites I visit, the places I visit, the products I buy, the YouTubes I watch, etc. etc. — and sold that information to advertisers.

Yes, creepy Eric thinks that only governments should have drones because according to him, terrorists could get one and use it.Jeff and drones

Ha! They could do that ANYWAY. If a terrorist wants a drone, or a missile, or guns, I’m sure all he has to do is hook up with the Libyan army (who have all those US goodies) and march across our border. And he could get all those things in Mexico!

You have to laugh when one of the biggest spy networks on the planet is worried about other people spying.  Why do I call him creepy? He also said this:

The Google policy on a lot of things,” he told attendees at the Aspen Institute’s Washington Ideas Forum, “is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.”

The question is: What is Eric’s definition of creepy?

So therefore, every time I see Eric Schmidt I can’t help myself…I think of this guy:

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Nobody Flashes: The History of North Korea and the Democrats

Nobody Flashes

North Korea just released this video in where they dream of nuking New York. In the background is the music of Michael Jackson– “We Are the World.”  Nobody asks herself —is the reason they want to nuke New York is because Steven Spielberg lives in California? Why hit the same place twice? Isn’t Micheal Bloomberg doing enough damage as it is?

And oh my goodness…’President’ Obama today…all of a sudden, seems a bit worried about the “sequester” coming up in March, which will decimate our military down to the point that even people with the video capabilities of a six-year-old can fire some missiles at us, and have a decent chance of succeeding.

You know, it’s got to be tough. Here’s a President that is trying to bring troops home from around the world, in order to put them to work as his own private HomeLand Security army, and some little dweeb over in North Korea is making him look silly.kris 11

And you might say: Come on Joyanna…how can a country that can’t even make a simple video actually launch a missile to hit New York? (And once again…why is it always New York?)

Well…once upon a time…Bill Clinton sent over his favorite plutonium giver Sandy Berger, and Sandy supplied North Korea with enough uranium to make their own bombs, which they did.  Of course, Clinton  said later that, “They lied, they told me they needed it for peaceful means.” Google in NK two Google in NK three

And just recently, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, went over to North Korea with Sandy Berger, and…you have to wonder what else was given to them? Have you noticed that Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger are the only two politicians that love to visit North Korea? Have you also noticed that every time a democrat comes back from visits to countries that don’t like us, they want to kill us even more? Google in NK

Democrats. Arming the world…with the help of Michael Jackson. In the meantime, who are all the democrats screaming about as the ones that have to be destroyed forever more?

The Tea Party.

And that’s because the Tea Party KNOWS where the real enemy lies, and it’s not in New York.

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Nobody’s Email: Google 2012 Christmas Message

Nobody Gets Email

I got this video from my liberal friend, who I met at my local library about five years ago. We both were taking a class in EXCEL, and became fast friends because, when it came to computers, we both we in wonderment…like little kids.

We STILL hold that same childlike attitude about many things. Anyway, when he sent me this video he said, “How do they think up these things?”

That’s my bud. JR is in his 70’s, and yet, still holds his love of learning, and that’s one of the reasons we get along. While our politics are completely opposite, neither one of us has ever gotten mad at our opinions.

Hatred, gets you…nowhere.

(Thanks to J.R.)

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Nobody Flashes About Digital Control….

Nobody Flashes

Here’s an interesting point of fact that will give us all some thought. The shooter Mr. Holmes, we were told, bought much of his ammunition online. And YET–

He has NO digital footprint. And neither does a staffer that worked for Obama for 8 years…who died.

Makes Nobody Wonder. Circumstancial evidence concludes, the Obama administration had Google erase it.


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Google’s Christmas Card

Nobody Flashes

Good Christians fear not: Nobody is trying to make fun of the Christian religion.

I thought this was a very creative way to help ME figure out, all that I don’t know about the internet!


(Thanks to JR)

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